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  • Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe photoshop was created in February 1990 by the Knoll brothers. Development began in the late 1980's, but it wasn't finished and version 1.0 released until 02/1990.
  • Nokia 1011

    Nokia 1011
    Text messaging was created in the 90's, but it was done so with the Nokia 1011. The Nokia 1011 was not the first mobile phone, but the first cell phone. Previous mobile phones were heavy and hard to carry around (and also did not have keyboards), so when Nokia made the 1011 model, it was a gamechanger.
  • Sony Playstation

    Sony Playstation
    In 1994, Sony created the Playstation which has gone on five different generations of models, their last release being in Nov. 2020. The original Playstation was released in Japan on 12/3/1994.
  • Toshiba SD-3000

    Toshiba SD-3000
    The Toshiba SD-3000 was the first DVD player made and put on the market. They weren't the initial inventor as Sony and Panasonic, among others, also created their own versions of the digital video disk player.
  • Google Search

    Google Search
    Google is a tech empire these days, making an array of products ranging from smartwatches and smartphones, to updating their Google Search engine and Google suite apps. The original Google search engine was released in Sept. 1997.