Technology Timeline- Angelica

  • Apple headphones

    Apple headphones
    Usually this headphones used to come with the Ipod that was also released this year. They were never given a formal name and were referred to variously as "iPod headphones"
  • 2002

  • 2003

  • Firefox Released

    Firefox Released
    Mozilla Foundation released Firefox Internet Explorer on November 9, 2004, currently is a web browsers of choice just like Chrome or Safari
  • 2005

  • PlayStation 3

    Sony Computer Entertainment released in 2006 the PlayStation 3 which it was the first PlayStation to provide social gaming services.
  • iPhone first generation

    iPhone first generation
    In 2007 Steve Jobs introduced the world the first generation of iphones making it easier to use.
  • 2008

  • 2009

  • iPad First Generation

    iPad First Generation
    Apple Inc. releases the first generation of iPad in April 2010 iPad ran a modified version of the iPhone.