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    Technology Timeline

  • iPod

    iPod is a portable music player invented by Apple Inc.
    iPod - Apple
  • Facebook

    Facebook is a social networking site founded by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has over 750 million active users around the world, as of July 2011.
  • Quad-Core processor

    Quad-Core processor
    The first quad-core processor was probably the AMD Phenom II X4, released in Mar 2008 [according to Wikipedia]. A quad-core processor contains four cores.
  • App Store

    App Store
    The App Store for iOS was released in 2008 by iTunes.
  • Android

    Android was founded in 2003, and was aquired by Google in 2005. It's initial realease was at 21, Oct, 2008.
  • USB 3.0

    USB 3.0
    USB 3.0 is the third major release of the Universal Serial Bus. It has a faster transmittion of 5Gbit/s. USB 3.0 is also known as SuperSpeed bus.
  • Chrome OS

    Chrome OS
    From Wikipedia
    Chrome OS is a operating system created by Google to work in web-based applications. Google annouced the operating system on 7 July 2009, and made it an open-source project that November.
  • Windows 7

    Windows 7
    Windows 7 was released as RTM version on July 22, 2009 and was released as retail version on October 22, 2009.
  • iPad

    The iPad is a tablet computer designed by Apple Inc.. The iPad runs the same operating system as the iPod Touch, and the iPhone, called the iOS.
  • Windows 8

    Windows 8
    Windows 8 is the next version of Windows, currently available in developer preview.