Technology in 2010

  • The New Age Of Streaming

    Disclaimer: Netflix was founded in 1997. With the new age of streaming, DVDs are becoming a thing of the past. Streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus (introduced in 2019), etc... now require subscriptions to watch tv series and movies from the classics to the newer things.
  • 2010

    The first generation of the iPad was released in 2010, the iPad was viewed as competition to a laptop and notebook. (Invented by Steve Jobs)
  • Instagram

    Instagram also released in 2010! The app was sought to be to similar to the already existing social media platform, Foursquare. Instagram got a "boost" when the social media was acquired by Facebook.
  • 4G

    4G networks were launched in the U.S. succeeding 3G; 4G allowed apps to be more sufficient.
  • Apple Watch

    Apple Watch
    Apple launched the smart watch as a way to free consumers from their phones, the watch also has features for fitness, overall wellness, and the more innovated features such as being able to answer calls via the watch to tracking your heartbeat. (Introduced by Tim Cook)
  • Airpods

    Airpods are wireless headphones that are connected via Bluetooth on a device. (Introduced by Tim Cook)