Technology History Project

Timeline created by Tristan.Dunnan
  • The Brennan Torpedo

    The Brennan Torpedo
    Source The Brennan torpedo was certified in March, 1879 by Irish-born austrlian inventor, Louis Brennan. It was considered the first practical missle, and it torpedo was used as a harbour defense in he British Isles; until it's decommision in 1906.
  • The ENIAC

    The ENIAC
    Source The Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer was created by the army in 1946, and war programmed to calculate a wide variey of equations. Although it's primarey function was to calculate artillery firing tables, it excited buissness men/women and scientists alike.
  • The Unimate

    The Unimate
    Source Created by American inventor George Devol, with the intrntion of it being able to act as a multitool. The robot was primarily featured in automobile assembley.
  • The first internet - ARPA Net

    The first internet - ARPA Net
    Refence Material DARPA created the ARPA to easily exchange information regarding information n a varity of subjects. TCI/IP was developed to communicate, and is still used today.
  • The Motoman L10

    The Motoman L10
    Source Introduced in nine seventy seven, the Motoman featured five axes, and a maximum workload of ten kg.
  • NeXT Computer

    NeXT Computer
    Source The NeXT Computer was created by apple co-founder Steve Jobs and a few of his former co-workers.mIntended for higher education, and buissness markets. It was estimated that a total of fifty thousand units were shipped.
  • Wi-Fi

    Source Wi-Fi, or WLAN, was first created by the Wi-Fi alliance, with it's intension to be used by cashiers. It's original upload speed was 2 Mbit/s, and was latter updated to 11 Mbit/s.
  • The ASIMO

    The ASIMO
    Source The ASIMO, or Advanced Step in innovative mobility, was created to be used as a multi-functional assitant. Honda uses ASIMO in multiple demonstrations, with the hopes of encouraging the study of science and mathematics.
  • Humanoid

    Source The objective o this robot is to serve as an assit in almst situation, mostly due to it's complex moving system; and strength.

    Source This robot was desighned to provide medical or nursing assistance, and or perform household tasks. The robot can care for itself, as well as move.
  • Windows Seven

    Windows Seven
    Source Commoly refered to as the best Windows OS avliable, Windows Seven introduced a new OS to the windows family, file sharing, as well as providing a smoother experience to the user. It's intended purpose was to replace the VISTA.
  • Kuratas

    The Kuratas is a Mecha-Robot desighned to lift heavy objcts, with full flexibility. Although the Robot is not complete, they are speculsting it's release to the public.
  • The HSR

    The HSR
    Source Built and desighned by Toyota, this unique robot has a foldable arm with suction cups; allowing it to do a variety of tasks. The robot can also be operated via voice, or tablet/PC.

    Source Used in ground zero, this robot has checmical, gas, and raddiation sensors attached to it. WIth this robot, contaminated areas can be identified and accesed easier. There was no production date avaliable.