Technological Events in my Lifetime

  • First Mac released to the public

    The Mac was created by Apple in 1989,I use the Mac whenever I want to access the internet or do school work.
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    Technological Events

  • Release of Mapquest

    I use Mapquest for the same reason everyone else does, to find directions to places anywhere in the world.
  • Invention of Bluetooth

    Invention of Bluetooth
    Bluetooth makes using the internet much easier and faster for many users.
  • Launch of Google

    Launch of Google
    Google influences my life because I use it to research information for personal needs and school.
  • Creation of Pandora Internet Radio

    Creation of Pandora Internet Radio
    I use Pandora to listen to my favorite music while I am working on school work or just surfing the web.
  • Invention of the Ipod

    The ipod,like the Mac was also created by Apple and billions of people use them today. I use my ipod to listen to music on the go.
  • Invention of Xbox

    The Xbox is a fun device that can be used to play video games or watch movies.
  • Launch of Facebook

    Launch of Facebook
    This has influenced me because I have used it to comunicate with friends on projects for school.
  • Launch of YOUTUBE

    Launch of YOUTUBE
    This has influenced my life because I have used it to upload videos I have used in projects in school.
  • Release of oovoo

    I use oovoo to talk to friends face to face of collaborate with them on a school project or assignment.
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