Technological advancements 2000-2010

By dixsco
  • 2001, Windows XP

    2001, Windows XP
    Newer and easier to use user interface, and multiple new features and capabilities were released for all windows computers.
  • 2003, Android founded

    2003, Android founded
    Hugely successful operating system that rivals Apple and Google.
  • 2005, Creation of Youtube

    2005, Creation of Youtube
    The world's most popular video viewing and sharing platform.
  • 2006, Blue-ray Disks

    2006, Blue-ray Disks
    Blue ray disks were invented by Sony in 2006 and were capable of storing much more HDTV 720 and 1080 p films and games than its predecessor.
  • 2007, First Iphone release

    2007, First Iphone release
    Apple releases the first Iphone, the first of its kind to offer cellular connection and touch-screen capabilities in a mobile hand-held package.