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TeacherCast History

  • July 2011 Google Stats

    July 2011 Google Stats
    Visits: 30
    Absolute Visitors: 21
    Page Views: 45
    Average Page Views: 1.50
    Time on Site: 3:18
  • TeacherCast Is Launched

    TeacherCast Is Launched
    First Website built
    Domain is Registered
    Twitter Account Registered
    Facebook Account Registered
    Logo Created
  • 3 Google Visitors

  • NAMP

    First Public Podcast featuring TC
  • TeacherCast Podcast #1 "What is Web 2.0"

    TeacherCast Podcast #1 "What is Web 2.0"
    First Podcast featuring Steve Wheeler and Mark Greentree
  • TeacherCast Podcast #2

    Podcast 2 Featuring Cyndi Danner Kuhn and Mark Greentree
  • App Spotlight: See.Touch.Learn

    App Spotlight: See.Touch.Learn
  • App Spotlight: eClicker

    App Spotlight: eClicker
  • August 2011 Google Stats

    August 2011 Google Stats
    Visits: 2534
    Absolute Visitors: 1802
    Page Views: 6251
    Average Page Views: 2.47
    Time on Site: 2:27
  • AdministratorCast 1

    AdministratorCast 1
    Podcast with Toby Price, and Dave Meister
  • PrincipalCast 2

    PrincipalCast 2
    Podcast with Jessica Johnson and Patrick Larken
  • Podcast

    Podcast with Stephanie, Terry Obien and Mark Greentree
  • Podcast "These are a few of my favorite apps"

    Podcast "These are a few of my favorite apps"
    Podcast with Chris Hoovler and Cary Fields
  • App Spotlight: Math Flashcards

    App Spotlight: Math Flashcards
  • Podcast: Using Google+

    Podcast: Using Google+
    Podcast with Dennis Freitas on using Google Plus in the school
  • Podcast "The Wired Educator"

    Podcast "The Wired Educator"
    Podcast with Kelly Croy
  • Podcast: LiveBinders

    Podcast: LiveBinders
    Podcast with Barbara and Tina from Livebinders
  • Podcast

    Podcast with Eric Sheninger and Steve Anderson
  • App Spotlight: BluesMaster

    App Spotlight: BluesMaster
    App Spotlight with BluesMaster
  • Disney World Trip

    Trip to Disney
  • Twitter: 100 Followers

    Twitter: 100 Followers
    approx date
    Jason Glass is follower 100
  • App Spotlight: Teachers Assistant Pro

    App Spotlight: Teachers Assistant Pro
    Podcast with Chris Hoovler for Teachers Assistant Pro app
  • Podcast with Jason Glass

    Podcast with Jason Glass
    Interview with Jason Glass
  • App Spotlight: Treble Clef Kids

    App Spotlight: Treble Clef Kids
  • App Spotlight: Treble Clef Kids

    App Spotlight: Treble Clef Kids
  • September 2011 Google Stats:

    September 2011 Google Stats:
    Visits: 3543
    Absolute Visitors: 2541
    Page Views: 9221
    Average Page Views: 2.60
    Time on Site: 2:33
  • Podcast: Backup Systems

    Podcast: Backup Systems
    Podcast with Dennis Freitas on Backup Systems
  • Podcast: Quincy Tutoring

    Podcast: Quincy Tutoring
    Interview with Eric Clark from Quincy Tutoring
  • First TeacherCast App Launches in iTunes

    First TeacherCast App Launches in iTunes
    First TeacherCast app
    iPhone only
  • Podcast: Dr. Hahn

    Podcast: Dr. Hahn
    Podcast with Dr. Hahn about Chiropractic Care
  • Oct 2011 Google Stats

    Oct 2011 Google Stats
    Visits: 3397
    Absolute Visitors: 2356
    Page Views: 9685
    Average Page Views: 2.85
    Time on Site: 3.03
  • Podcast with MacMommy

    Podcast with MacMommy
    Tech Department Podcast with Melissa and Pat
  • Steve Jobs Podcast

    Steve Jobs Podcast
    Melissa Davis and Pat Faquet record Steve Jobs Remberence Podcast
  • November 2011 Google Stats:

    November 2011 Google Stats:
    Visits: 2919
    Absolute Visitors: 2142
    Page Views: 9395
    Average Page Views: 3.22
    Time on Site: 3.03
  • NJEA Convention

    TeacherCast attends the NJEA Convention in Atlantic City and interviews the venders.
    Met Damian Bariexla, Darreyl Engsminger
  • Podcast: Easybib

    Podcast: Easybib
    Podcast with Easybib with Kerry, Neil and Darshawn
  • December 2011 Google Stats:

    December 2011 Google Stats:
    Visits: 4223
    Absolute Visitors: 3168
    Page Views: 13,206
    Average Page Views: 2.52
    Time on Site: 2.52
  • Jan 2012 Google Stats

    Jan 2012 Google Stats
    Visits: 7045
    Absolute Visitors: 5394
    Page Views: 19,714
    Average Page Views: 2.80
    Time on Site: 2.33
  • Podcast: Parents Across America

    Podcast: Parents Across America
    Podcast with Parents Across America and Save Our Schools NJ
  • Jedchat Podcast

    Jedchat Podcast
    Recorded JedChat podcast with Akevy, Meir and Dove Jedchat
  • Twitter: 2000 Followers

    Twitter: 2000 Followers
  • Educon 2.5

    Attended Educon: Jan 27-29
    Met Chris Lehmann, Jeff Kessler
  • App Meeting with NJMEA

    Met at Rutgers with NJMEA State Board to pitch them on the mobile app
  • Feb 2012 Google Stats

    Feb 2012 Google Stats
    Visits: 5508
    Absolute Visitors: 4107
    Page Views: 17,318
    Average Page Views: 3.14
    Time on Site: 3:04
  • Garden State Chiropractor Spech

    Garden State Chiropractor Spech
    First Major Speech
    "How to do Social Media in the Chiropractic Office" with Dr. Frank Hahn.
  • March 2012 Google Stats:

    March 2012 Google Stats:
    Visits: 5981
    Absolute Visitors: 4409
    Page Views: 34,161
    Average Page Views: 5.71
    Time on Site: 3:22
  • Recorded iBook Author Podcast

    Recorded iBook Author Podcast
    Recorded iBook Author show with Chris Tully and Class Widgets
  • First TeacherCast Wordpress Site Launched

    First TeacherCast Wordpress Site Launched
    With the help of TJ Houston, TeacherCast launched first Wordpress Website capable of streaming live video. This is in preperation of EdcampSS on March 24.
  • EduTecher Podcast

    EduTecher Podcast
    Recorded Edutecher Podcast with Adam Bellow
  • First Meeting: Bill Krakower and Dana Sirotiak

    First Meeting: Bill Krakower and Dana Sirotiak
    Met at EdcampSS
    First discussions to create EdcampNJ
  • EdcampSS

    Edcamp SS
    Presentation on Apps and Live Podcast
  • Twitter: 2500 Followers

    Twitter: 2500 Followers
  • April 2012 Google Stats

    April 2012 Google Stats
    Visits: 8228
    Absolute Visitors: 5882
    Page Views: 50,630
    Average Page Views: 6.15
    Time on Site: 2:27
  • May 2012 Google Stats:

    May 2012 Google Stats:
    Visits: 11,180
    Absolute Visitors: 8,125
    Page Views: 70,668
    Average Page Views: 6.32
    Time on Site: 2:00
  • Twitter: 3000 Followers

    Twitter: 3000 Followers
  • June 2012 Google Stats

    June 2012 Google Stats
    Visits: 10,747
    Absolute Visitors: 8,164
    Page Views: 73,245
    Average Page Views: 6.82
    Time on Site: 2:41
  • SocialEdCon

    Presentation on "Starting the Conversations that Matter"
    In Attendance: Kevin Honeycutt, Angela Maiers
  • ISTE Trip Begins

  • ISTE Unplugged Speech

    100 People in attendance
    Streamed live on both ISTE and Spreaker
  • ISTE Rooftop Party

  • July 2012 Google Stats:

    July 2012 Google Stats:
    Visits: 16,908
    Absolute Visitors: 12,666
    Page Views: 91,942
    Average Page Views: 5.44
    Time on Site: 2:11
  • App Spotlight: TurnItIN

  • App Spotlight: NEC

  • App Spotlight: Sandvox

  • App Spotlight: Colaborize Classroom

    Colt Briener and Catlin Tucker
  • App Spotlight: Schoology

  • App Spotlight: Stoneware

  • App Spotlight: Poll Everywhere

  • App Spotlight: PBS Kids

  • Twitter: 3500 Followers

    Twitter: 3500 Followers
  • App Spotlight: Remind 101

  • Edcamp Leadership

    Presentation on Web 2.0 Tools
  • #140edu Conference in NYC

    Meets Jeff Pulver
  • Aug 2012 Google Stats

    Aug 2012 Google Stats
    Visits: 17,764
    Absolute Visitors: 13,594
    Page Views: 76,353
    Average Page Views: 4.30
    Time on Site: 1:49
  • App Spotlight: Socrative

  • App Spotlight: Polyvision

  • App Spotlight: BrainNook

  • App Spotlight: TeachBoost

  • App Spotlight: Hapara

  • Edcamp Common Core

    TeacherCast Demo
    Web App Smackdown
    Meet Elisa Malaspina
  • App Spotlight: Xirrus

  • App Spotlight: ClassLink

  • PadCamp

    Taught 2 sessions on how to do iMovie

    Over 100 teachers in session 1
  • Twitter: 4000 Followers

    Twitter: 4000 Followers
  • App Spotlight: Pearson Skills and Knowledge

  • App Spotlight: Skoolbo

  • Podcast: Censorship in the Schools

    Brett Clark, Toby Price, and others
  • Podcast: Pearson Right to Know

  • Podcast: YEN

  • TeacherCast Webinar #1: Sandvox

    TeacherCast Webinar #1: Sandvox
    Dan Wood from Karelia joins Jeff for 250 person webinar
  • App Spotlight: Easybib

  • Podcast: Pearson OLE

  • TeachMeetNJ

    Teacher/Admin Relationships w/Scott Rocco
    TeacherCast Intro
  • App Spotlight: My Big Campus

    Amy Bennett, Steph Lennon and Chad Marcus
  • Podcast with Scott and Ian

    Meet Ian Adiar
  • Bammy Awards

    Jeff attends Bammy Awards in Wash DC.

    First Live Broadcast of a big event.
  • Jeff Interviewed by OLE

    Lindsay B from Pearson interviews Jeff
  • Podcast Special: Chris Lehmann

    Podcast Special: Chris Lehmann
  • Jeff interviewed by Claco

    Jeff interviewed by Eric Simons
  • Twitter: 4500 Followers

    Twitter: 4500 Followers
  • Group Meeting to Discuss EdcampNJ

    Bill Krakower
    Scott Rocco
    Danielle Scribinski
  • #EngSSChat Live Podcast

    #EngSSChat Live Podcast
    Michael Milton, Heather Kilgallon, Anne Beck
    First Live Podcast recorded to Engchat and SSChat Topic: PBL and Common Core
  • Podcast with Nikhil Goyal

    Podcast with Nikhil Goyal
  • Moderated #educoach chat

    Moderated #educoach chat
  • 4600 Twitter Followers

    4600 Twitter Followers
  • ISTE Proposal Submitted

    ISTE Proposal Submitted
  • Released 3 Pearson Podcasts

    Released 3 Pearson Podcasts
  • Google Teacher Academy

    Jeff attends Google Teacher Academy Oct 3-4 2012 in NYC
  • Twitter: 4700 Followers

    Twitter: 4700 Followers
  • #Satchat Live at Edscape

  • 4900 Twitter Followers

    4900 Twitter Followers
  • NJAET Presentation

    TeacherCast Talk
  • New TeacherCast Homepage and TC Univ Unveiled at NJAET

    New TeacherCast Homepage and TC Univ Unveiled at NJAET
  • 5000 Twitter Followers

    5000 Twitter Followers
  • Hurricane Sandy Supply Relief Launch

    Hurricane Sandy Supply Relief Launch
  • Podcast YEN2:

  • Creation and Launch of TeacherCast Global Collaborators Network BETA

    Creation and Launch of TeacherCast Global Collaborators Network BETA
  • App Spotlight: EdWic

  • NJEA Convention Presentations

    2 TeacherCast Presentations and 1 "Digital Classroom" Presentation
  • First PATUE Chat featuring Sam Patterson

    First PATUE Chat featuring Sam Patterson
  • Created Template Sites for AdminCast and StudentCast

  • Student Voice Podcast #74 Recorded

  • 5400 Twitter Followers

    5400 Twitter Followers
  • Meeting with Bill, Scott, Brad

  • TGCN Records 30th User Account

    TGCN Records 30th User Account
  • TeacherCast Mailing List hits 200 Subscribers

    TeacherCast Mailing List hits 200 Subscribers
  • Meeting with Student Voice

  • 5500 Twitter Followers

    5500 Twitter Followers
  • EdcampNJ

    EdcampNJ held at Linwood Middle School in No. Bruns NJ
  • Domain purchased Domain purchased
  • Created @NJEDucation and @JerseyEducator Twitter Accounts

  • JerseyEducator Podcast #2

    JerseyEducator Podcast #2
  • 5900 Twitter Followers

    5900 Twitter Followers
  • Educon 2.5

    Moderating PTChat with Joe Mazza
  • Techspo in Atlantic City

  • Garden State Chiropractice Society Presentatio

  • TechEducator Podcst Episode 1

  • Pearson OLE Webinar: 5 Ways to build a PLN

  • NJEA Celebration of Technology and Learning

    Interview with Barbara Kashishian and Michael Cohan
  • Launc of

  • WETECH13

    WETECH Broadcast with Jay Eitner
  • Hackathon at Kean Univ

  • Google Teacher Reboot in NYC

  • 6650 Followers on Twitter

    6650 Followers on Twitter
  • #SSCHAT Broadcast

    Hosts: Michael Milton, Anne Beck, Katrina Kennett
    Topic: Womens Movement
  • 6700 Twitter Followers

    6700 Twitter Followers
  • Student Voce Live!

  • Presentation at Bonner High School

  • #TABCamp

  • 7000 Twitter Followers

    7000 Twitter Followers
  • Passaic City Schools Visit

  • Podcast with SchoolInfoApps

    Podcast with SchoolInfoApps
  • Meeting with NJ Insurance and NJSchoolJobs

  • 7100 Twitter Followers

    7100 Twitter Followers
  • #EduVue Guest Spot

  • 7500 Twitter Followers

    7500 Twitter Followers
  • New TeacherCast App 2.2 Hits iOS

  • ISTE Workshop Presentation

  • ISTE: San Antonio