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Tangerine Aldo D.

  • Move from Texas to Florida

    Move from Texas to Florida
    Paul was on his way to Florida from Texas. Before he left, his imagination of a zombie following him representing that he was part of the family and that problems follow you no matter where you go.
  • Muck Fire

    Muck Fire
    Paul and his mother woke from an "explosion". Little did they now there was a muck fire right there close to where they live. The Muck fire has been burning there for years way before they came to live here in tangerine. The volunteer said that the fire started when lightning struck the field.
  • Legally Blind

    Legally Blind
    Paul and his Mother go to Paul's new middle school. Paul's mother wants a tour of the school because she says that Paul is legally blind. She is disturbed by the fact that there is no auditorium or gym. She is completely mad that paul's father totally overlooked this. Paul is worried about what else his father has overlooked
  • Soccer

    Paul sees the team that plays for his new middle school. He goes and hopes that the team will let him play with them. He lets them take shots on him but he can easily defend the shots. He thinks to himself how can this team win the county trophy.
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    Paul is casually walking to school when he sees a gray wall. The gray wall somehow disturbs him. He dozes off and remembers His incident when he looked at the Solar Eclipse. Paul can't quite grasp why the wall disturbs him. Paul is now at school he has to go to a special program that helps him travel around the school. He got two types of teachers Ms,Alvarez has a lot of enthusiasm while in the meantime Mrs,Hoffman is a little stricter because she has been "teaching science for twenty years
  • Erik Fisher Football Dream

    Erik Fisher Football Dream
    Erik and Arthur are a team. Both of them are trying to surpass Mike Costello. Mike is the best right now. Arthur joined Erik because he has never played football. As in he never gets a position. Arthur has no talent when it comes to footballHe wants to play more. Paul is sure that Arthur would do anything for Erik.
  • The Cursed home

    The Cursed home
    Paul and Joey were walking when out of the blue Joey said there is a house that has been struck by lightning three times. This fascinated paul and Joey kept ranting on about how the storm is mad. Maybe when the houses are gone the lightning will stop striking. The theory is that once the lightning gets its land back then it will stop striking.
  • The Unofficial Team

    The Unofficial Team
    Paul has made the soccer team even though technically everyone makes it. Everyone is part of the team but not everyone gets to play. Paul doesn't want to be what he calls"dog meat". He wants to play. The bus that takes them on away game can only take 15 players which are chosen. He wants to play so in practice he is goalie. He blocks all the shots Gino the captain. He knows immediately he is now on the unofficial team.
  • Mike's Death

    Mike's Death
    While Mike Costello was at practice he was struck by lightning. For some reason the coach was trying take his shoes off. Erik and Arthur didn't seem to have sympathy for the costello family. Erik and Arthur benefit from Mike Costello's death. Both of them were making fun of coach. They were making fun of him because they thought that him trying to take of his shoes is funny.
  • The Normal Day

    The Normal Day
    Today was a normal day at school. Something about this was bothering Paul. He thinks that Mike should have at least been mentioned or honored. Paul's mom was at least thinking that they were to cancel school or send out a robocall. Paul thinks that no one honored him but acted like he was never part of the school.
  • Moms outrage

    Moms outrage
    Paul's mother was mad because she thinks that they should stop football practice. She calls all the moms to see if they would stop taking their kids to practice. She calls all the moms that showed interest again. All she wants is for the school to change the location .
  • Kicked from the team

    Kicked from the team
    Paul is practicing with his fellow teammates. When all of a sudden one of them comes up to him and says "Mars is your name Paul Fisher coach wants to see you". So as the boy said he went up to coach he thinks that the coach is going to say that he made it on the bus. The coach said the complete opposite of what Paul thought. The coach actually said that he was kicked off the team because of his IEP
  • The boy that never grew

    The boy that never grew
    While paul was at the carnival he went in the Freak show he read about a child that never grew up. He died at the age of 81. He say the boys face he looked pretty scared. This reminded Paul of his own fear. He thought to himself that they might as well make a new exhibit out of him.
  • SInkhole

    Paul was at class when all of a sudden. Paul and his class feel something. It feels like an earthquake,but it is not a earthquake it is a sinkhole. They get out of the class when he sees people falling down into the slippery mud. He helps numerous people up. He saw his math class getting sucked into the sinkhole. Somehow this time Paul was not a coward he actually tried to do something which even he found surprising.
  • Relocation

    Paul's father was frustrated because he was wondering how he was going to build over a sinkhole. Now the school have to relocate 625 students. The sixth grade students go back to school on Thursday because the building is ' " structurally safe" '
  • The New era dad era

    The New era dad era
    SInce Paul's father is the new Director of Civil Engineering for Tangerine county. He will make sure that all the new building are reinforced and are inspected correctly. The Old Charley era is over. Old Charley did not inspect the buildings at all. So now that Paul's Father is the director he will change this. The Old Charley era is over its Mr,Fishers turn now. Its now the Dad Era!!!
  • Paul FIsher No IEP

    Paul FIsher No IEP
    While at the parent and student meeting Paul wants to talk to his parents. His parents say that they will talk in the car but paul neglects this offer and says he wants to talk them in the gymnasium. But they end up in the car somehow. Paul wants to go back to his school without an IEP he is through with that.
  • The Second First day of school

    The Second First day of school
    While Paul's Mother was dropping him off at school he saw those exact same kids he saw at the carnival. These were the kids who vandalised the Freak Show. They were suspended of course. Today and tomorrow Paul had a helper Theresa Cruz she was going to guide him around the school for Today and Tomorrow. He was not ready for the second first day of school
  • Tangerine Middle School (War Eagles)

    Tangerine Middle School (War Eagles)
    The kids that vandalized the freak show seemed very hateful and negative towards him. They seemed to frown upon him because he was from Lake Windsor Middle School. Even though there is a lot of negativity towards him he still tries out for the soccer team.
  • Erik and Arthur Bullies

    Erik and Arthur Bullies
    While Joey was at Paul's house.Erik and Arthur came home from their mud run. They saw Joey and said the mohawk man and were are the shoes. Joey did not realize that they were talking about Mike. Once Paul told him what they meant then Joey said why he was trying to take off Mike's shoes. He said because Mike always took his shoes off when he got home wich made him feel better. So Joey thought that taking off his shoes might help him.He was crying at this point this was caused by Arthur and Erik.
  • The unfair game (Whippoorwills)

    The unfair game (Whippoorwills)
    While Paul was at his first game he saw that the other team was throwing elbows and were punching. Paul was freaking out but his teammates were calm like this was all normal to them. When Tino fell on top of a guy he started to punch that guy. So coach went ahead to and pulled him to the sidelines. So Paul went in and the exact same thing happened. Someone threw mud into his eyes and he started to throw punches blindly.
  • Eriks Fake Kick

    Eriks Fake Kick
    As Erik was about to kick the ball off to tie the game Antoine took the ball. Antoine took off he was running towards the goal line when he crossed it. He did this for a two point conversion. The game moved up from a six to seven to a eight to seven. Mr and Mrs Fisher did not seem to seem bothered bu this but surprised in how Erik made the team win as a distraction
  • Pauls Awkward phone call

    Pauls Awkward phone call
    As Paul comes home from his second game he gets on the phone and the person asks him questions about girls. Paul was surprised at what she had said. Now the caller was asking paul about a girl named Kerri which is Paul's friend. The caller is asking if he if he is interested in Kerri or want to talk with her.
  • Paul's Follower

    Paul's Follower
    While Joey and Paul were walking Victor comes up behind them with his gang of course. He starts to talk to Joey. Victor asks him why he is always following Paul around and if he is Pauls boyfriend. Paul knows Victor is joking but Joey doesn't. He turns around and with a confident voice and says no I am not his boyfriend.
  • Girls on Tangerine soccer team

    Girls on Tangerine soccer team
    While at practice Paul and the rest of his teammates saw this van parking alongside coaches car. The van had words on the side wich said Tangerine Times. Everyone in the team seemed confused , but the coach seemed to now one guy there and they asked her about the girls on the team. The coach seemed confused about the question she said I have had girls on my team so why all of a sudden did this become news.
  • Joey's regret

    Joey's regret
    While the class was making groups for a project. Paul went up to Tino and asked him if Joey and him could join their group. Tino said yes. Tino was upset by his decision. Joey also said that he was not on the soccer team anymore. Joey had turned in his uniform this morning. Joey also stated that this should not bother Paul because it was his decision not Pauls.
  • The big fight (Joey and Tino)

    The big fight (Joey and Tino)
    Theresa has just said that she will be the one typing the report once everyone has done their part. Joey suggested that instead of her typing it on her typewriter he will just need a flash drive and he will run it on his laserjet at home. Tino does not like that Joey suggested this. Tino lunges at Joey. Joey doges the punch and the teacher is there dragging Tino into the hallway
  • The Big meet

    The Big meet
    Mrs,Fisher was at a homeowners meeting. The meeting was mainly about the recent robberies happening in the neighborhood. There were a lot of complaints about the things that are happening such as the muck fire, the Koi fish that are missing , and the lightning rods a house put out there. There are a lot of strange things happening all at once
  • The Vision

    The Vision
    Paul was looking at Erik and Arthur were practicing in the back. They were kicking up dust which created a wall. That made it so paul could not see them anymore. He remembered when his dad would tell Erik to get in a position. His father would ask if he could see Erik. Since Paul doesn't have great eyesight he said no.
  • The two athletes

    The two athletes
    Erik has become a star he has scored a lot of goals that caused his team to win. He rose from a joke to a hero. He was definitely embarrassed when this happened and he rose. While Paul has played starter for a couple games. He is not a furshire starter because from the beginning the coach warned him that he was never going to replace one of the starters
  • Paul the worker

    Paul the worker
    Paul asked to go back to the tangerine nursery. His mom took him but she was worried that he might get hurt. Paul is telling her that there's absolutely no reason that she might get hurt. He said that the place was built by the army and that it can survive a one megaton bomb. Paul got there and he heard a familiar voice it was luis's voice. They Ended up working. Paul was hurt by the end and was tired
  • Betty Bright allstar

    Betty Bright allstar
    Paul was at Mr,Donnelly's house when out of the blue he turns to Paul. He asks Paul if he also plays football. Paul says "No I play soccer." Paul also states that he plays for the War Eagles not Lake Windsor. Mr,Donnell brings up Pauls coach Betty Bright. He says that Betty was the best track runner in Tangerine. Betty had scholarships from all the best schools.
  • Pauls Unofficial Goal

    Pauls Unofficial Goal
    Paul was playing when the ball was flying towards him he hit it with his forehead right above his glasses. He was on the floor for a couple seconds when Victor slapped him on the back and said nice job another one. All of a sudden a storm came thunder was crackling and lightning was striking. They were all mad because they wanted to defeat the enemy.
  • Gino vs Victor

    Gino vs Victor
    Tangerine Times was talking about what the two best teams are. These teams are Lake windsor Middle and Tangerine Middle. Gino and Victor are the second best player they are tied and 18 goals. Neither of them will be happy with this. They both are really good soccer players but it the title will all lead up to this final game.
  • Gino's Big Shot

    Gino's Big Shot
    As Paul and his teammates were playing the game. There starter goalie got sick. Paul had to fill in for her. Paul blocked every shot until victor landed on top of Gino. This counted as a penalty. Every was on the sides at this point. Gino was in position. The suspense was all built up. Gino shot it Paul doesn't feel anything in his hands . Gino had fooled him. No Gino had completely missed the shot. Gino says that paul was in his head which made his miss
  • Mvp ring shoved in Tino's Face

    Mvp ring shoved in Tino's Face
    Tino and Theresa had decided that they would go to Paul's house. Tino does not even look around Paul's house when they arrive. They sit down and they start doing their work with his father IBM. Paul was showing them all fonts and colors they could make the title. They go outside finished with their daily work.All of a sudden Paul freezes Erik had just come home.Erik made a rude comment and tried to get away with it.Tino tried to stand up to him but he ended up getting Eriks MVP ring in his face.
  • Arthur Smacks Luis

    Arthur Smacks Luis
    Luis and Tino Go up to Erik and Arthur.They look brave and tough but they did not know what was waiting for them. They went up and said which one is Erik Fisher they all seemed amused. They kept insulting Erik until Arthur pulled out his blackjack. There was a big bang Luis didn't know what hit him.
  • Fighting the Freeze

    Fighting the Freeze
    Tino and Theresa were not at school. They were not at school because they were out somewhere creating a fire. They are trying to survive the cold whether. The first day is always the hard even though it is hard they still have to do it. They try to create heat and smoke to keep them warm. But the second day is the real killer
  • Vandalism

    Pauls mom, dad,and him were talking about Erik. Paul and his mother were saying what if Erik will not or can not make it into a College team. In the middle of their argument they got a phone call. Which said that the mailboxes are crushed and that someone vandalized the outside walls. Paul went outside froze because he saw the walls vandalized the writing said seagulls suck.
  • The death of Luis Cruz

    The death of Luis Cruz
    Paul went to school as usual. This time there was a crowd talking about something Paul did not know about. Luis was dead. Henry .D said that Theresa and Tino had been waiting for him. Luis never came they both called their dad. Their dad had confirmed that he was dead. He died because there was a Blood Clot in his head. Paul was thinking what if Arthur killed him accidently on Erik's order's.
  • Paul's Outrage

    Paul's Outrage
    Paul was just sitting down when a child passed him. Paul heard a little boy talking about a story his parents told him about. Paul was mad and he told that boy that his parents were telling him lies. The little boy was trying to defend his parents by telling Paul that his parents are not liars. Paul was now telling that same exact boy the story about Mike Costello and Luis Cruz. The boy just ran away in fear.
  • Luis Cruz

    Luis Cruz
    Paul went to his closet got the blue suit he wore for Mike Costello's funeral. He walked out the door went to the gray wall so that he would be facing it. Pauls mind was clear he had no idea what he was doing or what he was going to do. He got on his knees and started to scoop up handful by handful of the white sugar sand until there was a pile next to him.
  • Eriks Spray Paint

    Eriks Spray Paint
    Paul is remembering Erik's old goon the exact same as Arthur. Paul was remembering the time he was punished by them for something he did not do. Erik and his assistant said that he snitched on them so they got in trouble. So to punish Paul they got a can of spray paint. Opened Pauls Eylids and sprayed the spray paint in his eyes
  • The Big Mystery

    The Big Mystery
    Paul had gotten a phone call from Joey. Joey had said that coach Betty Bright was parked in front of Mr. Donnelly's house (the news reporter). He went out with his bike and to his surprise, he saw her car parked there. He saw Shandara in one of the car seats. He also saw Antoine there too. He had just come out of Mr. Donnelly's house. He had exchanged a few words with Betty Bright before he saw Paul. All Antoine said was that he said something about his brother.