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  • Pakitstan Tests Nuclear Weapons

    Paikistan tests underground nuclear weapons. Sparking fears of nuclear explosions. India almost came into to conflict with Pakistsn for the nuclear tests.
  • Solar Eclipse

    Solar Eclipse
    Total solar eclipse in North India. Also in France the solar eclipse was seen. Moon blocks the sun completely.
  • Hilary Clinton

    Hilary Clinton is elected to the Senate. Clinton was the former First Lady. Clinton was the as the first former First Lady elected to the Senate.
  • George Bush

    George W. Bush is inaugurated. Bush was the 43rd president of the Untied States. In his first year in office terrorists had scarred the country.l
  • 9/11

    On this day terrorists took command of two planes and crashed into the World Trade Center. Their actual target was the Pentagon. Many people died that day and we still have rememberences for ones who lost their lives on this terrible day.
  • Terrorism

    George Bush expans fight on terrorism. Due to the year before, Bush needs to be more careful. Also Bush expands security in airports.
  • Space

    China sends Yang Liwei to space. China was the third successful country to go to space. Where Liwei went is unknown to me.
  • Asteriod

    Asteriods are very interesting, but deadly. There are sometimes ones that pass by Earth very closely. In September 2004 asteriod 4179 Toutatis passed within 4 lunar distances of Earth.
  • Disney Land Resort

    Disney Land Resort
    Disney Land Resort celebrates its 50th birthday. Many people come to this resort every year. This place is fun for everyone.
  • Steve Irwin

    Steve Irwin died of a sting ray sting through the heart. He was a very famous crocodile hunter. He lived in Australia with his wife and daughter. The sating ray stung him through the heart and he died instantly, under the water.
  • Tornadoes

    In the summer of 2007 some of the deadliest Tornadoes touched down in Kansas. Many people died because of this. Also many people had their home destroyed due to the tornadoes.
  • Gas Prices

    In 2008 gas prices increased extremely. During 2008 the price of gas went up to $3.39 a gallon. Gas prices are still very high to this day.
  • Earthquakes and Tsunamis

    Earthquakes and Tsunamis
    Earthquakes can cause alot of damage to a courtney or city. They can also cause deadly tsunamis. In April 2009 a 8.0 magnitude earthquake near the Samoa Islands caused a tsunami.
  • Earthquake in Hati

    Earthquake in Hati
    The worst earthquake in 200 years happened to be a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Hati. Hati is a very poor country near Cuba. Many people joined in to help families find people that disapeared, there was also a song made to raise miney for these poor people. Hati is still rebuilding to this day.
  • Tsunami In Japan

    Tsunami In Japan
    The earthquake in Japan caused a nuclear plant to malfunction. It also caused a tsunami, which killed many people. On these few days many people went without a home due to the earthquake and tsunami.
  • Osama's Death

    The leader of the terrorists that crashed into the world trade center. He was found and killed in his home after 10 years. His death was celebrated throughout america.
  • Libya

    On October 20th 2011 Libya 's dictator Gadhafi was killed. He was a dictator for 42 years. Now the Libyans have no one to lead their country and choas may take place.
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