Super bowl champs

  • Super Bowl I

    Super Bowl I
    Go to this websiteGreen bay vs Kansas. Green bay won 35-10 winning the first superbowl ever
  • Super Bowl II

    Super Bowl II
    Go to this siteGreen Bay vs Oakland Raiders. Superbowl II green bay won 33-14. Winning the first two super bowls ever
  • Super Bowl III

    Super Bowl III
    go to this siteNew York Jets vs Baltimore Colts. New York won 16-7.
  • Super Bowl IV

    Super Bowl IV
    Kansas City Chiefs vs Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota Vikings lost 23-7.
  • Super Bowl V

    Super Bowl V
    go to this sitego to this web siteBaltimore Colts vs Dallas Cowboys. the colts win 16-13
  • Super Bowl VI

    Super Bowl VI
    go to this siteDallas Cowboys vs Miami Dolphins. Dallas won 24-3
  • Super Bowl VII

    Super Bowl VII
    [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Super_Bowl_champions](go to this web site)Miami Dolphins VS Washington Redskins. Miami won 14-7.
  • Super Bowl VIII

    Super Bowl VIII
    MIami Vikings VS Minnesota Vikings. Vikings lost there second super bowl 24-7
  • Super Bowl IX

    Super Bowl IX
    Minnesota VS Pittsburg. Minnesota lost there third superbowl
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  • Super Bowl X

    Super Bowl X
    go to this sitePittsburg steelers vs Dallas cowboys. Dallas lost 21-17
  • Super Bowl XI

    Super Bowl XI
    Oakland Raiders Vs Minnesota vikings. Minnesota lost... again!! 32-14. the MVP was Fred Biletnikoff a WR from Oakland .
  • Super Bowl XII

    Super Bowl XII
    go to this pageDallas Cowboys Vs Denver Bronco's. Dallas Won 27-10!
  • Super Bowl XIII

    Super Bowl XIII
    go to this sitePitsburg steelers dallas cowboys. Steelers won 35-31!pits burg beat them twice in three years
  • Super Bowl XIV

    Super Bowl XIV
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    pittsburg steelers vs Los angelos rams. Pittsburg 31-19. steelers were beasts in the superbowl.
  • Super Bowl XV

    Super Bowl XV
    go to this web pageOakland Raiders vs Philidelphia Eagles. Oakland won 27-10!!