Summer Olympics

  • 2020 Postponed

    2020 Postponed
    So the Summer Olympic has been postponed because of covid-19 and now this year they said that it will be 2020 summer olympics but it's 2021 the reason why because the olympics are every leap year.
  • Jesse Owens

    Jesse Owens
    Jesse Owens is a american athlete, he was the best sprinter in the world maybe faster than Usain Bolt.He won 4 gold medals 2 in long jump and 2 in sprints he was the best of the best.People were amazed about his skills and sportsmanship.
  • New Zealand's First Gold medal

    New Zealand's First Gold medal
    Kerri Gowler and Grace Prendergast got there first medal in rowing women's division.
  • Why the summer olympic stopped.

    Why the summer olympic stopped.
    The one reason why the summer olympics stopped because of WW1 and WW2 they were at war but russia was not in it because they had there own thing to do