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  • 50s

    Popular Stars: Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Vatens, Bobby Darrin, Johnny Cash
    Musical Trends: Rock 'n' Roll, Rat Pack
    Issues Surrounding: Popular Culture, Youth Culture
    Music Industry issues/Controversies: Forms of Rock 'n' Roll promoted drugs and didnt respond to serious issues.

    Elvis shaking his hips - White Americans found this offensive because he was dancing like a black man.
    Young people didnt want to be like their parents, as you grow up you want to be yourself.
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    Teenagers felt that Rock music made them feel cool.
    Teenagers liked Taboo's, however adults fund them offensive.
    Digital is easy for us to copy, in 1950's it was harder to copy, expensive for all the equipment to create records etc. Then it was seen as a huge crime however today it is not taken much notice of
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    Civil Rights

    Civil Rights movement took place between the 50s and the 80s
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    Genres: Blues, Jazz, Rock 'n' Roll, Disco, Reggae
    Subcultures: MODs, Skinheads, Hippies,
    Jazz- Black Artists were key,they were more valued after segregation.
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    Mid 70s

    Hard Rock, Punk Rock came around. Teenagers who wante to be different liked the culture of Punk Rock.

    Cassettes were a problem for institutions as people shared cassettes.
    Skin Heads - were racist, nationalistics 'Doctor Martins'
    Hippies - Laid back, free love, flowing flares
    Rockers - Wanted to look extreme with hairstyles etc.
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    Popular Artists: Michael Jackson, Madonna
    Popular Genres: Grime, Indie Rock, Trance, Dubstep, Pop Punk, Nu Metal, Crunk, Elmo and
    New Romantic/Synthpop. Examples: Duran Duran, ABC, Human League - Youth Fashion came around.
    - Hard Rock, 'Hair Metal' - Everyone had long and big hair.
    Walkman II became compactable, audience can take them out and listen to music on the go.
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    MTV started in 1981.
    The first music video to be played was called 'Killed the Radio Star' by The Bruggles
    Audiences could not watch music videos and connect to them.
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    Sales of CD's increased.
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    Development in sales

    By 1988 CD sales finally increased and were higher than vinyl.
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    By the 90's piracy was easier. Sex was not shown as much in the 90's as it is today. In the 90's we had stars such as Spice Girls, however today we have stars such as Katy Perry.
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    Popular Artists: Jay - Z, Britney Spears, Eminem
    Genre: UK Garage - Genre of electronic dance music (EG: So Solid Crew, Misteeq)
    Mid 2000's UK Garage became less popular as garage endured into grime. Examples of artists are Dizzee Rascal, Wiley. They have a left wing attitude.

    Why does the Audience like this?
    -Audience can identify with it
    -Working Class audience can identify with their background and values & beliefs.

    -Working Class aspire to be like the artists inorder to escape poverty
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    Institutions and Genres

    -Grime is a niche genre
    -Grime artists created their own record labels such as Dizzee Rascal and Wiley.

    -Successful unsigned artist - P Money.
    Indie Rock - Razor Light, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chefs - Subculture of alternative rock
    Trance Genre - Originated in Germany - Not that popular in the UK - Examples are Paul Van Dyk, Amin Van
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    Values and Beliefs for Grime

    -Should not respect authority figures.

    -Dizzee Rascal sirens
    -Parents believed police are racist and prejudice so the beliefs have been passed onto the artists themselves
    -Dont forget where you have come from. If you do forget, you get thrown out of the Grime Family/Community (EG; Lowkey disses Chipmunk)
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    Controversies of File Sharing

    Distributing or providing access to digitally shared information, computer programs, multimedia (audio, video, images)
    Caused controversy in the music industry in the 2000s. File Sharing and illegal downloading music has allowed people tp illegally download music from the internet. Peer to peer file sharing has allowed people to easily share files.