Steven truscott

Steven Truscott Case

  • The murder of Lynne Harper.

    This is the date when Lynne Harper was supposedly murdered by Steven Truscott.
  • Period: to

    Case of Steven Truscott

    The time and certain events that happened during the Truscott case.
  • Truscott is taken into custody.

    Steven Truscott was taken into custody at 7:00 pm.
  • Steven is charged with first degree murder

    He is charged with first degree murder under the Juvenile Deliquents Act.
  • Almost tried as an adult

    Steven Truscott is almost tried as an adult but the appeal on that order was dismissed.
  • Starting of the trial

    Steven's trial started in the Supreme Court of Ontario in Goderich.
  • Reprieve to Truscotts execution

    Truscott was scheduled to hang December 8th 1959, but had a reprieve to postpone the execution to February 16th 1960.
  • Steven Trsucott scheduled to be hung.

    Steven Truscott was scheduled to be hung on this date.
  • Sentance was commuted

    Truscott's death sentance was commuted to life in prison after the appeal.
  • Truscott's appeal

    Truscott had his execution postponed to allow for an appeal to the court.
  • Steven Truscott fills out section 690 application for his conviction.

  • Steven is aquitted of the murder

    Steven Truscott is aquitted of the crime and is later compensated.
  • Government compensation

    Truscott was awarded 6.5 million for compensation.