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Steven Gerrard life

By harhys
  • Birth of Steven Goerge Gerrard

    Birth of Steven Goerge Gerrard
    Steven Gerrard was born on 30 May 1980 at Whinston, Merseyside England
  • Whinston jr's

    Steven Gerrard play for his home town Whinston jr's
  • Joins Liverpool Football academy

    Joins Liverpool Football academy
    Steven Gerrard is scouted by Liverpool fc.
  • Liverpool contract

    Liverpool contract
    Gerrard signs a contract with Liverpool FC
  • Debut

    Finnally making his debut Steven Gerrard comes on as a substitute for Veggard Heggam in the last minute.
  • International debut

    International debut
    On 31 May 2000 Gerrard played his first game for England as a substitute.
  • Becoming a captain

    Becoming a captain
    On October the 3 2003 Gerrard replaced Sami Hyppia as Captain.
  • 2005 Champions

    2005 Champions
    Liverpool win a fabulous game of football by coming back from 3-0 down to 3-3 and winning on peneltys.