Steve Wozniak

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  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    Wozniak developed the hardware and operating systems for the Apple 1 in 1976.
    Wozniak and Jobs officially launched the Apple Computer in April 1976.
  • Apple

    In 1977, Wozniak designed the Apple II, which went on to become one of the first majorly successful personal computers available for mass purchase.
  • Major Setback

    Major Setback
    In February of 1981, Wozniak was injured when the private plane he was piloting crashed while taking off from the Santa Cruz Sky Park. His painstaking recovery lasted two years, as he suffered from a variety of injuries and amnesia.
  • Computers & Music

    Computers & Music
    In 1982 and 1983, he helped sponsor the US Festival, a kind of cross between a computer conference and a music festival.
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    Here Wozniak, Apple CEO John Sculley, and Jobs showed off the Apple II. Revealed in April 1984, the computer was Apple's first attempt at a portable model.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    Here Wozniak, Apple CEO John Sculley, and Jobs showed off the Apple II. Revealed in April 1984, the computer was Apple's first attempt at a portable model.
  • Moving on

    Moving on
    Wishing to pursue a more engineering-focused role elsewhere, Wozniak decided to leave his managing responsibilities at Apple in 1985, selling most of his stock. He is still an Apple employee, though, and receives an annual stipend that's estimated to be worth at least $120,000.
  • CL9

    Wozniak ended Fulltime employment with Apple in 1985 to start remote control company CL9.
  • Secret Identity

    Secret Identity
    In 1986, he finished his degree in electrical engineering at the University of California in Berkeley, graduating using the name Rocky Raccoon Clark to keep his identity secret. He had first attended Berkeley in 1971, but ended up taking a break to work on Apple. Don't call him a college dropout, though — he told the Los Angeles Times, "I simply took a year off to earn money for my fourth year of school. And then my career kept going up."
  • Silicon Valley

    Silicon Valley
    Called one of "Silicon Valley's most creative engineers," in 1990 he joined Mitchell Kapor in establishing the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an organization that provides legal aid for computer hackers facing criminal prosecution.
  • Danger Inc.

    Danger Inc.
    In 2002, he joined the board of directors for Danger, Inc., which made PDA devices. He's launched a number of other personal projects since Apple, including CL 9, which built the first universal remote. He also founded Wheels of Zeus, which developed a wireless GPS technology, and spent a few years teaching grade school.
  • Wheels of Zeus

    Wheels of Zeus
    Wozniak also founded Wheels of Zeus (WoZ) in 2002, a venture started with the aim of developing wireless GPS technology.
  • iWoz

    Steve released his book called "iWoz" his autobiography in 2006.
  • Dancing with the Stars

    Dancing with the Stars
    Wozniak definitely knows how to have fun. In 2009, he made an appearance on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."
  • Rare Apple Computer

    Rare Apple Computer
    The rare version of the early Apple computer sold for more than $380,000 at a Christie's auction in 2013.
  • "Jobs"

    The highly anticipated movie Jobs was released in 2013 and featured actor Ashton Kutcher as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and comedic actor Josh Gad as Wozniak.