Steve Wozniak

  • Birth

    Steve Wozniak is born in San Jose California, on August the 11th, 1950. From an early age, it is noticed by his parents that he was not like other boys. He took an early interest in computers and electronics between 11 and 12, and when he was a teenager, he was designing electronic circuits and software even when he didn't have the money to produce them.
  • College Career

    College Career
    In 1968, Wozniak graduated high school and then went to University of Colorado for his freshmen year. However he eventually returned home since the out of state tuition became to expensive for his parents.
  • Meeting Jobs and Homebrew

    Meeting Jobs and Homebrew
    In 1971 it was the end of his Junior year of college and Woz had taken up a summer job at HP. In his free time he would attend the Homebrew Computer Club. At this club is where he met Steve Jobs and would be the beginnings of something great.
  • Starting of Apple

    Starting of Apple
    Steve Jobs had been bent on trying to start his own computer company and convinced Woz to join in. Reluctantly Woz was working on his own computer at the time since was unable to afford one. Both of them sold some valuable possessions to start the company, and in 1976 they built their first machine in Job's garage.
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    With Woz being the brains behind making the computer and Jobs being the marketing force, they both introduced the Apple II in 1977. Since he developed some of the first graphics cards at Atari, he managed to have the Apple II display colors and be programable.
  • Wozniak Divorce and Outcome

    Woz was having a hard time coping with his marriage to a woman named Alice Robertson. He lacked social skills and was constantly consumed with computers. They both divorced after four years of marriage and Woz would eventually go on to develop the floppy disk and developed a connection from a computer to a printer.
  • Apple II Commercial (Video)

    Apple II Commercial (Video)
    A link to a Youtube video showcasing what the capabilities of the Apple II were.
  • Plane Crash

    Plane Crash
    Ever since Apple went public, Woz and Jobs had been slowly been eased out of power and Woz took up flying as a pass time to help him ease the stress from new management at the company. Unfortunately he crashed, killing almost everyone on board and lead to some memory loss.
  • Period: to

    Returning to School

    In 1981, Woz returned to school and started at University of Berkley. He would start class work for a Computer Science degree, however he left school with just a few credits shy of graduation. Few years later, he was awarded the extra credits in 1986 needed to complete the degree with the work he had done at Apple.
  • Development of Lisa/ Macintosh

    Development of Lisa/ Macintosh
    Woz had returned to the Apple II development section of the company where they started working on a new computer that would be cheaper and would be more advanced than the Apple II with drop down menus, a cursor for a mouse, and pictures.
  • Music Festival

    While on his leave from Apple, Woz took the time to organize a music festival that was held on Labor Day. Bands included in the festival were Fleetwood Mac and the Grateful Dead.
  • Reveal of the Macintosh (Video)

    Reveal of the Macintosh (Video)
    Below is a link to the reveal of the Macintosh. While it is Steve Jobs giving the presentation, Woz had a big part in creating it since he had experience with creating graphics cards for Atari.
  • Leaving Apple

    Woz had been having rocky relationship with the company and his beliefs on the Macintosh being the future. He and the Apple II department had been having a rocky relationship and even his friend and co-founder Steve Jobs felt as if the Apple II was obsolete. So in 1985, Woz left Apple.
  • Period: to


    After Woz left Apple, he went off to help start a new company called CL9. It was specialized in developing infrared remote control devices that would be able to interface with household appliances. Unfortunately he sold the company and then spent most of his time after that donating money to various charities.
  • New Life

    Woz remarried in 1990 to a woman named Suzanna Mulkern. She had Three children and worked as an attorney. Woz was inspired by her children to start teaching at local schools.
  • Awards

    In the year 2000, Woz is inducted into the inventors hall of fame. He also is recipient of Heinz Award for technology, the economy, and employment.
  • Woz on the new iPhone 6 (Video)

    Here a TMZ reporter catches Woz in an airport to question him about the iPhone 6 and what his opinions on it are.
  • Currently

    Woz is still in the technology business working at a company called, Primary Data. The companies specializes in data management and IT infrastructure. He is part of the part of the leadership team as chief scientist and can find him and his bio here