Steve Jobs Timeline

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  • Born

    Steve Jobs Was Born on The 24th of February 1955
    He Was Adopted By Paul and Clara Jobs
    He Was Put up For Adoption Becuase His Biological Mom Was a Collage Undergraduate and Felt That it Was Best For The Boy to Be Adopted Only By Collage Graduates He Was About to be adopted By a Lawer But at the Last Minute The Lawer Changed Their Disire and Wanted a Girl. Paul and Clara Where Next in Line But His Biological Mom Refused to Sign Unless They Agreed that Steve Goto Collage.
  • Started Apple With Steve Wozniak

    Started Apple With Steve Wozniak
    Apple Was Born In Steve Jobses Garage.
  • Incorporated As Apple Computer, Inc.

    Incorporated As Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Introduced Macintosh

    Introduced Macintosh
    a Revolution in the Computer Industry
  • Introduced 1st iPod

    Introduced 1st iPod
    The Very First IPod Was Introduced
  • Announce iPhone

    Announce iPhone
    iPhone: Redifined Cell Phones and Mobile Devices
  • Died :(

    Died :(
    Died At The Age of 56
    Only 3 Months After Resigning CEO
  • Period: to

    Steve Jobs timespan