Steve Jobs timeline

  • Born

    Born in San Francisco.Steve was adopted and for what is known
    his biological father was a political science, or either a mathematics professor.
  • Moved to the cozier city of Los Altos around the 1968s

    Moved to the cozier city of Los Altos around the 1968s
    Was here where Steve became curious about the world of electronics that filled his neighbors’ garages, and so forth. (when he was around 11 years old)
    *The Birth of Silicon Valley
  • 1970-1971 Influences

    1970-1971 Influences
    *He discovers Marihuana
    *Meets Steve Wozniak through a friend and they bonded quickly over electronics and pranks. (Woz was the first person Jobs had ever met who knew more about electronics than he did; Woz admired Steve's confidence with people)
  • 2010

    Ipad debuts in January
    *Apple announces the iPhone 4 in June.
  • 2004

    Steve has a surgery to remove a tumor in July and takes a month off to recover
  • 2009

    Steve Jobs takes a health related leave of absence in January, until June.
  • 1971

    Begin working with his friend on Blue Boxes used to crack codes on the public telephone systems for free calls
  • 1972-1973

    *Jobs attends Reed college and drops out after one semester. *Jobs remains in the Reed college area for 18 months dropping in random classes like calligraphy, which would later impact the typography on Macs.
  • 1974

    *Returned to California and worked at Atari.
    *Goes on a spiritual trip to India with his friend Dan Kottke
    - At there he experimented with LSD
  • 1976

    Woz and Jobs start Apple.
    -Why the name apple?, Because, Steve spent on an apple farm in Oregon mostly of the time
    - First computer of Apple
  • 2011

    Verizon offers the iPhone 4. Steve Jobs not in attendance at announcement.
    * On August 24th, Steve Jobs announces his resignation as Apple CEO.
  • 2008

    Macbook Air comes out.
    * looking too thin
  • 2005

    Apple announces Intel inside of Macs
  • 2007

    The iPhone is announced in January, then launched in June.
    Apple TV comes out.