Steve Jobs Biography

  • Birth

    Steve Jobs was born on 24 February,1955
  • Apple Computer

    Apple Computer
    In 1976 Jobs co-funded Apple Computer
  • Bussines

    Apple launched Macintosh on January 24, 1984 and changed the world
  • Pixar

    Steve Jobs went into computer animation acquiring Pixar Studios and striking failure with a string of hit movies starting with Toy Story
  • Jobs leaving Apple

    Jobs leaving Apple
    In 1985,after the Macintosh came out, Job was on the losing end of a power struggle at his company and left Apple
  • Steve comes back to Apple

    Steve comes back to Apple
    In 1996, Jobs came back to Apple and began reinventing Mac dressing it up in a variety of colours.
  • Steve's health

    Steve's health
    Concerns about the health of Steve Jobs began in 2004 when he underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer
  • Steve`s advice

    Steve`s advice
    In 2005, he offered this bit of advice to the Standford University grads " Your time is limited ,so don`t waste it living someone else´s life.Don`t let the noise of others"
  • Iphone

    The first iphone was released in 2007
  • Transplant

    In April 2009 he underwent a liver transplant
  • CEO

    On August 24th he stepped down as Apple`s CEO
  • Death

    Chief Executive Steve Jobs has died at the age of 56.