Steve Jobs (apple)

  • Apple II

    google The apple II changed the way we thought of computers there were at least 750,000 of these sold.
  • Period: to

    my time

  • Apple Macintosh Personal Computer

    googleThe Macintosh is considered to be the first commercially successful computer to use a GUI.
  • Pixar Studios {Initially called The Graphics Group}

    googleThey changed the way we thought of movies and made 7,237,368,770 dollars doing it.
  • NeXT Computer

    googleThe first "dream" computer, only 50,000 made.
  • iMac

    googleThe iMac made us relize just how great computers can be. In all only 14.74 billion were made.
  • ipod

    googleMore than 180 billion were made and that changed the way we listened to music.
  • iTunes Store

    google1 billion users changed the way we bought music online.
  • iPhone

    google250 million little pocket sized smart computers were consumed.
  • iPad

    googleOnly 8 million of these flat handheld "laptops" have been sold , they made us relize we dont need bulky laptops.