Steve Jobs

  • 1976

    Steve Jobs and Steve Woznial form Apple Computers and build their first personal computer. They made this in Steve Jobs parents garage.
  • Apple Two

    Apple releases the Apple Two, which becomes the first widely-used personal computer in the world.
  • Apple goes public

    After one day of trading, Jobs is worth $239 million and he’s 25 years old.
  • Computer with a mouse

    Apple announces “Lisa,” the first computer to be controlled using a mouse. It fails, but jobs never gave up.
  • First animation “Toy Story”

    The first movie made entirely with computer animation was “Toy Story”. The realse of these animation in the public is when Jobs becomes a billionaire.
  • Decisiveness

    Apple was dying and Steve Jobs was about to sell the company. Jobs decied to dont give up and retured and becamed the CEO.
  • iMac

    Apple releases the iMac. It becomes the fastest-selling personal computer ever. Apple immediately returns to being profitable.
  • iTunes Music Store

    Apple launches the iTunes music store. This made the people to download illegal music.
  • iPhone

    Apple introduces the iPhone, the first phone with a touchscreen and no keyboard. The iphone revolutionized the cell phone industry.
  • iPad

    Apple introduces the iPad a device, its an iphone but in a bigger size. Apple now has at least an 80% share of the tablet market and they’re used at 92% of Fortune 500 companies.