Steve Jobs - 2011

  • The Birth of Steve Jobs

    Steven Paul is born in San Francisco, CA, soon to be adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs.
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    Steve Jobs - 2011

  • Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak.

  • Steve and Woz build and sell illegally blue boxes to Berkeley students

  • Steve spends one semester at Reed College, Oregon, then drops out

  • Steve gets a job at Atari

  • Steve and Woz start assembling Apple I computers in the Jobs' garage, and sell them to hobbyists.

  • Apple goes public, increasing Steve Jobs' net worth to over $200 million.

  • Steve ends up on the cover of Time Magazine.

  • Steve Jobs resigns from Apple.

  • Jobs buys a division of George Lucas' ILM for $10 million and incorporates it as Pixar

  • Steve Jobs marries Laurene Powell.

  • Pixar signs a deal with Disney to make a computer-animated feature film.

  • Laurene gives birth to Steve’s first son, Reed Paul.

  • Steve becomes President & CEO of Pixar Animation Studios.

  • One week after Toy Story is out, Pixar goes public. Steve Jobs worth $1.5 billion

  • Steve Jobs negotiaties a breakthrough deal between Pixar and Disney with Michael Eisner.

  • Apple buys NeXT for $400 million. Steve Jobs is named "informal adviser" to CEO Gil Amelio.

  • Gil Amelio is ousted by the Apple Board. Steve Jobs is named interim CEO.

  • Steve Jobs introduces Apple's revolutionary iMac.

  • Steve Jobs officially becomes Apple’s CEO and demoes Mac OS X at Macworld.

  • Steve Jobs unveils the first iPod.

  • Apple opens the online iTunes Music Store in the US.

  • Opening day of Finding Nemo, Pixar’s first Best Animated Feature Academy Award winner.

  • Steve Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

  • Steve unveils the iPod mini and the iLife suite at Macworld.

  • Steve Jobs has his pancreatic tumor removed by surgery.

  • The Walt Disney Company acquires Pixar for $7.4 billion, and Steve joins the board.

  • iPhone is released in the US, the same day as Pixar’s Ratatouille.

  • Steve Jobs is inducted in the California Hall of Fame by Gov. Schwartzenegger.

  • Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence for six months.

  • Steve has surgery for a liver transplant.

  • Steve Jobs unveils iPad, the much-anticipated Apple tablet.