Steve jobs

Steve Jobs - 2011

  • Birth Date

    Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California and is given to adoption by his biological parents to Clara and Paul Jobs.
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    Steve Jobs - 2011

    Timeline of facts about Steve Jobs.
  • Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak

    Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak
    (22 September = unsure month/day) Steve meets his partner who helped him start the Apple business.
  • College Days

    College Days
    Jobs spends one semester at Reed College in Oregon before dropping out of this pricey, liberal arts college. He then begins his hippie stage, studying Eastern mysticism and even traveling to India at 19.
  • Apple is founded

    Apple is founded
    After Woz and Jobs begin assembling Apple 1 computers in his garage and selling them to computer stores in 1975, Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ron Wayne in April 1, 1976.
  • Apple II Personal Computer

    Apple II Personal Computer
    Apple II becomes the first mass-market personal computer, which was a hit around the US.
  • Apple Goes Public

    Apple Goes Public
    Apple goes public and Steve Jobs's net worth is over 200 million dollars.
  • Steve Jobs Resigns

    In May, Apple boards side with John Sculley and strip Jobs of his executive duties. In summer he is introduced to the Pixar team. On September 17, 1985 Steve resigns from Apple and Apple would plan to sue his new company NeXT.
  • Marriage and Deal with Disney

    Marriage and Deal with Disney
    On March 18, he marries Laurene Powell. In May, Pixar signs a deal with Disney to make a computer animated feature film, Toy Story. In the Fall he has his first son Reed Paul.
  • Pixar Goes Public

    Pixar Goes Public
    In February, Jobs becomes CEO and President of Pixar Animation Studios. November 29, one week after Toy Story is released, Pixar goes public and Jobs is worth 1.5 billion.
  • Jobs Becomes Part of Apple Once Again

    Apple buys out NeXT for $400 million and Jobs is informational advisor to CEO Gil Amelio. Soon after, Gil is ousted by the Apple Board and Jobs becomes interim CEO.
  • iPod

    Steve Jobs reveals the first iPod, which revolutionized the way people enjoyed music with a more portable audio player.
  • Medical Trials of Jobs

    In fall of 2003 Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which he deals with by going on an odd diet for 9 months. He eventutally gets his tumore removed in August of 2004.
  • iPhone

    First Apple smartphone is released in the US, the iPhone, at the same time the animated movie Ratatouille is released.
  • Release of the iPad

    Release of the iPad
    Jobs introduces the long-awaited Apple tablet, the iPad. Apple had made a tablet computer, bridge between micro computer and PC.