Steve jobs

Steve Jobs - 2011

  • Drops out of College

    Drops out of College
    In the fall of 1973, Steve drops spends one semester at Reed College then drops out.
  • Steve Jobs worth $200 Million

    Steve Jobs worth $200 Million
    On this day Steve Jobs became worth $200 Million and he was only 25 years old.
  • NeXT Cube Released

    NeXT Cube Released
    On this day the NeXT Cube was released adn did not sell very much.
  • Married Laurene

    Married Laurene
    He married his wife Laurene in March and they had a son in Septmeber.
  • Back with Apple!

    Back with Apple!
    Steve Jobs joins with Apple again because of their poor CEO . He cuts their hundreds of tasks to only a dozen.
  • iPod Created

    iPod Created
    Steve Jobs creates the iPod used for listening to music and watching videos.
  • Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer

    Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer
    Steve Jobs was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and got a liver transplant in April 2009.
  • Pixar back with Disney

    Pixar back with Disney
    Pixar and Disney now are grouped together and team up with the new CEO of Pixar.
  • iPhone Introduced

    iPhone Introduced
    Steve Jobs introduces the new iPhone which is by far the greatest invention of Apple.
  • iPad Released

    iPad Released
    On this day Steve Jobs announces the new invention of Apple called. It is a tablet that acts as a larger iPod.