steve jobs

  • Steve Jobs borns

  • Co-founds Apple Computer and sells Apple I

  • The Apple II

    Releases the Apple II, the first commercially available personal computer
  • The Macintosh

    Macintosh becomes the first commercially successful small computer with a graphical user interface.
  • Steve Jobs leaves Apple

    After a struggle at the company, he leaves apple.
  • Pixar Studios

    For $10 million, buys Lucasfil and that becomes Pixar Animation Studios.
  • President of Pixar and the release of Toy Story

    Becomes Pixar's president. Later in the year, was the release of Toy Story.
  • Returns to Apple

  • Introduces the iMac

  • Introduces iTunes

  • Introduces the iPod

  • Surgery to remove a cancerous tumor in his pancreas

  • Introduces the iPhone

  • He takes a 6-month leave of absence for medical reasons.

  • Introduces the iPad

  • Steve Paul Jobs died