Steve Jobs

  • Steve Jobs is born

  • Steve meets Steve Wozniak

    Steve meets Woz (Steve Wozniak) who both share the love of computers and is a future helper for Steve.
  • Steve gets a job at Atari

    Steve's First job is a video game maker at Atari.
  • Apple Computer Inc. is founded

  • Steve and Woz show off the Apple |

    Steve and Woz show of the Apple | at the Personal Computing Festival in Alantic city.
  • The Apple || is big hit in the computer market

    The Apple || is big hit in the computer market.
  • The Apple ||| turns out to be horrible

    Steve launches the Apple ||| which turns out to be horrible.
  • Steve is forced out of Apple

    John Sculley (The CEO of Pepsi and someone Steve hired) Because his computers are a flop and he thinks the good computers are made by Woz but his plane crashed so he got hurt and cant work in Apple.
  • NeXT is founded by Steve

    NeXTis a new company Steve founded because he got forced out of Apple.It makes coumputers for universities.
  • Steve buys Pixar

    Steve bought pixar rom Lucasfilms computer graphics for 10million dollars $.
  • Steve is marries Lauren Powell

    Steve marries Lauren Powell In Yosemite.
  • Toy story is released

  • Steve returns to Apple

  • Steve unveils the ipod mini

  • The iphone is released

  • Steve unveils the ipad

  • Steve Jobs dies