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Steve Jobs

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  • Birth

    Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco and adpoted by Paul and Clara Jobs
  • Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak

    Steve Jobs meets Steve Wozniak
    Together, from now on, they start building computer parts
  • Graduation

    Graduated from high school and enrolled in Reed College in Portland, Oregon
  • Dropped out

    Dropped out
    Dropped out of collage just after one semester
  • Apple Begins

    Apple Begins
    Steve and Woz start assembling Apple I computers in the Jobs' garage, and sell them to hobbyists.
  • Apple oficial

    Apple oficial
    Apple Computer Inc. is incorporated by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne.
  • Sucess I

    Sucess I
    The Apple II becomes the first mass-market personal computer, a huge hit all around the US.
  • Fired

    Palace coup: Apple's board sides with John Sculley and strips Steve off all executive duties
  • Pixar, NeXT

    Pixar, NeXT
    Alan Kay first introduces the Pixar team to Steve Jobs. Jobs starts NeXT.
  • Pixar sucess

    Pixar sucess
    Pixar signs a deal with Disney to make a computer-animated feature film
  • President

    Steve becomes President & CEO of Pixar Animation Studios
  • Back into Apple

    Back into Apple
    Apple buys NeXT for $400 million. Steve Jobs is named "informal adviser" to CEO Gil Amelio.
  • iMac

    Steve Jobs introduces Apple's revolutionary iMac.
  • Head of the Game

    Head of the Game
    Steve Jobs officially becomes Apple’s CEO
  • iPod

    Steve Jobs unveils the first iPod.
  • iTunes

    Apple opens the online iTunes Music Store in the US.
  • Health

    Steve Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
  • iPod mini + iLife

    iPod mini + iLife
    Steve unveils the iPod mini and the iLife suite at Macworld.
  • health problems solved

    health problems solved
    Steve Jobs has his pancreatic tumor removed by surgery
  • iPod shuffle

    iPod shuffle
    At Macworld San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveils iWork, the Mac mini, and the iPod shuffle.
  • iPhone

    iPhone is released in the US
  • health issues

    health issues
    Steve Jobs takes a medical leave of absence for six months.
  • iPad

    Steve Jobs unveils iPad, the much-anticipated Apple tablet.
  • Resignation

    Steve Jobs leaves Apple becasue of health issues