Steve Jobs

By Henman
  • Jobs Birth

    Jobs Birth
    Steve Jobs was born in San Fransico.
  • Period: to

    The Life of Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs lived for 56 years and life was cut short by cancer.
  • Jobs Adopted

    Jobs Adopted
    Born to two University of Wisconsin graduate students, Jobs is adopted soon after birth by Paul and Clara Jobs, who give him the first name of Steven.
  • Move to Los Altos, California

    Move to Los Altos, California
    In 1967 Jobs family moves to Los Altos, California. A primary reason given for the move in the book is that the family was looking for better schools for Jobs.
  • Jobs Meets "Woz"

    Jobs Meets "Woz"
    In about 1970 Steve Jobs meet Steve "Woz" Wozniak, who will become the individual with who Jobs cofounds Apple.
  • Jobs Enrolls at Reed College

    Jobs Enrolls at Reed College
    In September of 1970 Jobs enrolls in Reed College in Oregon. His stay is short though, as he drops out of college after only one semester.
  • Jobs Travels to India

    In the summer of 1974 Jobs travels to India. He later describes this trip as a search for spiritual guidance.
  • Apple Founded

    Apple Founded
    Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne start Apple Computers in the garage. Wayne's time with the company is short lived, as he soon leaves.
  • Apple Moves Into a "Real Office"

    Apple Moves Into a "Real Office"
    After starting the company in Steve's garage, Apple moves into a "real" office (see the picture) in January of 1977. The first Apple computer was released in April 1977, soon after the move into the real office.
  • Jobs 1st child (a child he denies)

    Jobs 1st child (a child he denies)
    Lisa Jobs is born on May 17, 1978, but Jobs denies that the child is his.
  • Jobs Leaves Apple Computers

    Jobs Leaves Apple Computers
    Jobs leaves Apple Computers in 1985. After leaving he starts NEXT Computers AND buys Pixar from George Lucas.
  • Clara Jobs Passes Away

    Clara Jobs passes away in November 1986. Soon after Jobs reconnects with his birth mother.
  • Jobs Marries Laurene Powell

    Jobs Marries Laurene Powell
    In 1991 Jobs marries Laurene Powell, with whom he has three children (Reed, Erin and Eve).
  • Apple buys NeXT

    Apple buys Next Computer and in so doing returns Jobs to Apple as an advisor.
  • Apple Introduces Imac

    Apple Introduces Imac
    The Imac is released and becomes a mainstay of Apple computers in multiple new versions.
  • ITunes Unveiled

    ITunes Unveiled
    In a radical move, Jobs reveils iTunes as a music store. Now a mainstay of how music is purchases, it was both novel and radical.
  • Ipod announced

    Ipod announced
    Original ipod unboxingJobs announces (he becomes famous for his announcements at Apple Computer gatherings) the Ipod (a device my father had one of). The Ipod plays music that you load on it from a computer.
  • Jobs learns he has pancreatic cancer

    Jobs is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a very dangerous form of cancer. Jobs eventually has surgery for his cancer, but eventually the cancer if fatal.
  • MacBook Pro Released

    MacBook Pro Released
    The MacBook Pro is released with a single piece case. The computer is an premium laptop and begins to build a significant following of consumers.
  • Iphone released to the public

    Iphone released to the public
    First iphone adThe first iphone release will later be seen as transformative combination of music, phone, internet, and email in one device. Plus, its a really cool device.
  • Second medical leave for Jobs

    Jobs takes a second medical leave from Apple, though is known to be still working as he can. During the leave he has a liver transplant in Tennessee.
  • The Ipad

    The Ipad
    Ipad AnnoucementA much anticipated announcement is made that Apple will begin selling a tablet device, the ipad.
  • The Resignation and End

    The Resignation and End
    Steve Jobs TributeSteve Jobs resigns from Apple on August 24, 2011 and soon after he passes away as a result of the cancer he has been fighting for a decade.