Steve jobs1

Steve Jobs

By jasmiat
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    Steve Jobs

  • The Cream Soda Computer

  • Reed College

    Reed College
    After graduating high school at Homestead high school, he enrolled to Reed College
  • Arari Inc.

    Arari Inc.
    He accepted a job at the Aritati Inc as a technician.
  • Breakout

    Jobs returned to Atari for the second time to create a circuit board for a video game called Breakout.
  • HCC

    Steve Jobs began attending the Homebrew Computer Club with close friend Wozniak
  • Business partners

    Business partners
    Steve and Woznaik create and become co-partners of Apple Computer Computer
  • Apple 1

    The first Apple computer was created
  • NeXT

    After leaving Apple Jobs founded NeXt, a company that created and manufacctured computers.
  • Pixar

    Steve bought The Graphics group and later named it Pixar, Toy Story was the first fiilm produced by Pixar.
  • Apple

    Jobs returned back to Apple and released such devices as the iPod and the iPhone.
  • Death

    Steve Jobs dies at his home in California due to complications of a relapse.