Steve Jobs

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    Life of Steve Jobs

  • Pre Apple

    Steve Jobs is born .
  • Pre-Apple

    Meets Steve Wozniak at high school, drops out of college, and then builds first apple computer 1 in his bedroom.
  • Apple is founded

    Apple Inc. is created.
  • First Color Computer

    Apple ll released with colour graphics.
  • Super Bowl Commercial

    Apple launches Macintosh computer, and they air a commercial during the super bowl, directed by RIdley Scott.
  • Takes a Break

    Jobs leaves Apple, to go and take over computer department of LucasFilm, which he bought and turned into Pixar Studios.
  • PowerBook

    Apple releases first portable computer. Called the powerbook.
  • Colored Desktop

    Apple introduces the all-in-one Candy colored desktops.
  • First Ipod

    The first iPod goes on sale, along with the OSX operating systems for computers.
  • iTunes

    Apple creates and releases iTunes and sells songs legally for 99 cents each.
  • First Problem

    Jobs takes a medical leave, he has a curable form of pancreatic cancer. He discloses this, after it happened.
  • PIxar

    Disney buys Pixar from Steve Jobs for $7.4billion
  • iPhone

    Apple releases first iPhone, crowds camp overnight for the release of it.
  • Jobs resigns

    Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple, Jobs is announced Chairman.
  • Death

    Steve Jobs dies at age 56.