Steve Jobs

  • Steve Jobs is born

  • Jobs enrolls at Reed College (Portland, Oregon)

    drops out after one semester
  • Works for Atari

    One of the first big video game makers.
  • Apple Computer is formed

    The computer goes on sale a few months later for $666.66.
  • Apple II is unveiled

  • Apple goes public

  • Revenue is 1 billion

  • Lisa computer goes on sale

    Named after his daughter. Only goes on sale for two years.
  • Macintosh goes on sale

    Was adverised during the Super Bowl.
  • Jobs resigns

  • Jobs starts Next Inc. and buys Pixar

  • First NeXT computers go on sale

    for 6,500 dollars
  • Apple and IBM make an alliance

  • Apple introduces Newton

  • Windows 95 is released

    First real competition for Apple.
  • Pixar releases "Toy Story"

    Success brought Pixar millions of dollars.
  • Apple buys Next

  • Jobs becomes interim CEO

  • iMac desktop is released

  • First iPod and OS X computers go on sale

  • Apple lauches iTunes Store

  • Jobs undergoes surgery for pancreatic cancer

  • iPod Nanos added to market

  • Disney buys Pixar

  • First iPhone is released

  • Speculation that Jobs is ill arises

  • Jobs announces severe weight loss

  • Apple sells 15 million iPads

  • Jobs announces second medical leave

  • Job resigns as CEO

  • Jobs dies at 56