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Steps to War by Luke R.

By luker
  • Syamp act

    Syamp act
    The stamp act was a law passed by Parliament that was placed to tax on all printed materials like playing cards, news papers, and legal documents.The colonist got mad, because they had no say. No taxation without representation! Became their bayyle cry.
  • Sons of Liberty

    Sons of Liberty
    The Sons of Liberty were protesters aginst the Stamp Act. Adams created this group. They would attack stamp agents by burning stamps and other things. By the time the Stamp act was in full swing noboady dared sell the stamp.
  • Townshend Acts

    Townshend Acts
    The Townsend Acts was when Britan started to tax goods like wool, paper, and tea. They hoped to get their money and also to show who was boss. This made new protesters.
  • Daughters of Liberty

    Daughters of Liberty
    In Boston Mercy Otis Warren encouraged people to stop buying British goods. To keep the colonies from failing women started makeing American goods that Britan couldn't tax. They became known as the Daughters of Liberty
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    The Boston Masscre was when protesters were throwing stones, icicles, and snowballs at British solders. When a soldier shot and killed 5 men in the crowd. Then the rest fired thinking someone said shoot. They were put in court but were not found guilty.
  • The Commites of Corrspondence

    The Commites of Corrspondence
    On the same day as The Boston Massacre Parliament repal all of the Townshend Acts ecept for the tea tax. Their goal was realy to show who was the boss.Samuel Adams made the Commites of Corrspondance to move news faster.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    The Commites of Corrspondence began writeing about the Tea act. The Tea Act that said that you could only buy tea from The strugling East India Tea company. In late 1773 men dresed up as Mohawks and dumped tons of tea in the habor.Britan punished them for this
  • Intolerbale Acts

    Intolerbale Acts
    Boston was majorly punished for its tea party. The pusishments were British soldiers who were took away were put back, you would have to feed and shelter soldiers, and it was put under controol of Tomas Gage. But the worst of all was Boston's habor was closed. This hurt their trade bad.
  • Continental Congress

    In September people from all colonies ecept Georga met at the first Continental Congress in Philaedilphia. Genral George Washington from the French and Indian war repersented Virginia. They all voted to stop all trade with Britan until the Intolerable Acts were over. They were also known as Minutemen because they would be able to fight in a minute