Stem Cell Research

  • Term "Sem Cells" First Used

    A German biologist named Ernst Haeckel uses the phrase Stem Cells that describes fertilized eggs that become an organism.
  • Term "Stem Cells" first used

    William Sedgwick uses the term "Stem Cell" to describe the parts of a plant that grow and regenerate.
  • Stem Cell Differintiation Theory

    Russian academic ALexander Maximow theorizes that blood stem cell have the impotent to differentiate into several types of cells.
  • Dictovery of Stem Cells in Bone Marrow

    Researchers discovered that bone marrow has at least two types of stem cells; blood cells and stromal cells, which from the bone, cartilage, fat, and connective tissue.
  • First Fertilization of Egg

    Robert Edwards, a British scientist, and his student Barry Bavister became the first people to fertilize a human egg in a test tube.
  • First Bone Marow Transplant

    The first bone marroe transplant for non-cancer treatment. Doctor Robert Good uses a bone marrow transplant to treat an eight year old by severe combined immunodeficiency syndrome.
  • Stem Cells Discovered

    Stem cells are discovered in human cord blood.
  • First Vitro Stem Cell

    The first in vitro stem cell line is developed from mice.
  • Embryonic Stem Cells

    The first embryonic stem cell line is created from a hamster.
  • First Cells Removed From Embryos

    James Thomson successfully removed cells from spare embryos at fertility clinics and grew them in a laboratory.