• Apr 3, 1550

    Earliest Statistics

    Earliest Statistics
    The early statistics was with probability about duice throwing done by cardano.
  • Population Statistics

    Population Statistics
    A merchant named graunt started population statistics.
  • books about statistics

    books about statistics
    Montmort and De Movrie's books increased the amount of nolig on the statistics with games of chance and probability.
  • Astronomy

    Statistics usage greatly increased in the feild of astronomy to minimize the amount of error with observation.
  • Statistical groups

    Statistical groups
    Many statistical groups evolved like the london royal statistical society.
  • Statistics in Science

    Statistics in Science
    Many scientest started using statistics in their studies.
  • Medical Statistics

    Medical Statistics
    Great expansion in medical statistics.
  • Expansion in Statistics

    Expansion in Statistics
    World war 2 brought other countries like turkey into statistics.
  • Bill James

    Bill James
    Bill James brought statistics into sports. That dealed with sabermetric statistics and later would recreate how organizations in baseball put together a team.
  • Billy Beane

    Billy Beane
    Billy Beane started to create the Oakland A's with the moneyball method.