• When he was born

    When he was born
    Squanto was born circa 1580 near Plymouth, Massachusetts. Little is known about his childhood. Squanto, also known as Tisquantum, was a Native American of the Patuxet tribe
  • Traveling to England

    Traveling to England
    Squanto spent some time with them, learning their language and helping them in their dealings with other Indians. They treated him well, even giving him clothes to wear. When they were ready to leave, they invited him along--back to England. He agreed, even though his mother begged him not to go.
  • Captured

    In 1614 Squanto was captured by English explorer, Thomas Hunt. He captured 20 Indians in total and sold them off as slaves in Spain. Spanish friars, looking to spread the Christian faith, rescued Squanto from captivity. In 1619, Squanto finally makes it home only to discover that his tribe had been all but wiped out by disease.
  • Escape

    Squanto accompanied English explorer Thomas Hunt to Spain in 1614, probably as a slave. Squanto escaped and made his way to England, where he worked for and learned English from shipbuilder John Slaney.
  • Taveling back Home

    Taveling back Home
    Squanto soon became homesick, and his friend did his best to find a way for him to return to America. The year was 1614 when Smith's expedition sailed. Squanto was to help Smith for a short time, and then he would return to his village.
  • Slaney

    Squanto traveled with Slaney to Newfoundland in 1617 and returned to England the following year with a different English explorer, Thomas Dermer. (Historians think that Squanto was an indentured servant for both Slaney and Dermer).
  • Helper

    Squanto settled in Plymouth. He was with Pilgrims that were sick and dying. They lacked food and needed help badly. He taught them many things that they would need to know to survive, like farming.
  • His Home Town Gone

    His Home Town Gone
    While Squanto was back in England, his home tribe, the Patuxet, suffered a terrible plague (probably smallpox). Squanto found few of his tribe when he returned to the New World with Dermer in 1619.
  • Met with Pilgrims

    Met with Pilgrims
    In 1621, Massasoit, the Wampanoag leader, sent Squanto to meet with the English settlers at the Plymouth colony, which had been established at the site of the former Patuxet colony. Squanto knew this land well.
  • His Death

    His Death
    Squanto died of a fever in Chatham, Massachusetts, circa November 1622. Squanto was acting as a guide and in the middle of the guide he got a fever and couldn't move on. He had the "Indian Fever." He was 42 when he died.