Special Education Programs in 2020

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  • Special Education Today

    Separate classes, Separate curriculum, Seen as a place rather than a service
  • Special Education as a Service

    Teachers (both special education and general education) will embrace the concept of special education as a service, rather than a place. Students with disabilities will fully access core curriculum because accomodations and modification are embedded.
  • Assistive Technology versus Technology for All

    Currently IEPs require that assitive technology be considered and that the IEP team determine specifically what devices a student requires ... I would challenge that this is a static approach. By 2017 students will have dynamic access to technology, 1:1 devices, and support as needed.
  • Individualized Education for ALL

    Individualized Education for ALL
    Education will no longeer be classified as general and special ... education will be individualized for all students.
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    Special Education Programs in 2020