Spain is Mean to Cuba :(

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    Spain is bad to Cuba

    Spain mistreats Cuba leading them to revolt.
  • Jose Marti

    Cuban national hero. enlisted support of cuban workers and socialist leaders to form the revolutionary party. Fueled the rebellion of 1895. wanted sovereignty for Cuba.
  • Period: to

    General Weyler

    General Weyler was a Spanish general and wanted to crush the Cuban rebellion. He sent cuban citizens to reconcentration camps, camps were very dirty and most of the citizens died of disease.
  • Period: to

    De Lome Letter

    Hearst published letter of the Spanish minister. Described McKinley in "bad terms" De Lome retired and the U.S was infuriated.
  • Period: to

    Yellow Press

    Main writers were Hearst/Pulitzer. Atrocity stories were invented to spark war with Spain in Cuba. the two yellow journalists tried to out do eachother.
  • U.S.S Maine

    U.S.S Maine
    A U.S ship was close to Cuba and exploded. U.S thought it was a Spanish submarine but it was just an internal error.
  • McKinley Declares War

    McKinley Declares War
    President declares war against Spain
  • Teller Amendment

    It stated that the United States would not annex Cuba, and would leave control of the island to it's people.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    Ended the Spanish American War and began America's colonial power.
  • Platt Amendment

    Aproved in 1903.
    Amended the Teller Amendment.
    Told the American People what they could and could not do to the Cuban people.
    These things were: the U.S could intervene, the U.S had free trade with Cuba, and that the U.S could have two naval bases in Cuba.