Near thing

Space timeline

  • Sputnik

    Launched on Oct.4,1957
  • Pioneer

    First one was launched on Apr.17, 1958
  • Venera

    The progam started in 1961
  • Mariner

    Started 1962
  • Viking 1

    The first viking was launched
  • Voyager

    Voyager was launched on Feb.5, 1977
  • Space shuttle program

    The program started in 1981
  • Hubble

    Hubble was finished in 1985
  • Space station-Mir

    Mir was launched
  • Magellan

    Magellan launched May 4, 1989
  • Galileo

    Galileo launched on Oct.18, 1989
  • Launch of prob

    Launch of prob
    The prob was launched to eros
  • Near enters orbit

    Near enters orbit
  • Landing on eros

    Landing on eros
    First prob to land on or orbit an asteroid.
  • Near last call to earth

    Near last call to earth
  • Mars rover

    The first rover landed on mars