space time line

  • Sputnik, Mercury, and Gemini

    Yuri Gagarin is First man in Space, Sputnik is Launched on this date The sputnick launcher was sent into space
  • Venera

    Venera 1 is launched
  • Mercury 1 Launch date

    Mission to put first man into orbit
  • VIking Probes

    Viking 1 is launched
  • Viking 1 was launched

    Vicking 1 was supposed to go to mars and see if there is life, because there is water on the moon
  • N.E.A.R Spacecraft launches

    The spacecraft was launched into space to learn about astrods, and especially the Eros
  • columbia Shuttle launched

    it was the first flight of the columbian shuttle and was a huge deal to everyone
  • galileo launched

    it tool of to space to examine different planets and orbited the earth 4 times
  • magellan spacecraft going to Venus

    The Magellan scacecraft reached Venus
  • Hubble space telescope

    The Hubble building were built
  • Mars Rover Launched

    was sent to space and landed on mars soon after was lauched