"Space Exploration Timeline"

Timeline created by nouralardo
  • Sputnik

    U.S.S.L.R launched Sputnik 1 which is the first satellite to be placed on orbit.
  • Gagarin

    Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the first human to ever go space.
  • Around the world

    Around the world
    He flew the Friendship 7 mission, he's also the first person to ever orbit the earth. He circled the earth 3 times
  • A look at Mars

    A look at Mars
    Mariner 4 was launched to see if there were any signs of life on mars; when it passed over the red planet it revealed a barren world with no obvious signs of life.
  • Walking the moon

    Walking the moon
    Neil Armstrong stepped down form the Apollo 11's Lunar Module and became the first man to ever walk the moon.
  • First Spacestation

    First Spacestation
    The worlds first space station was launched from an unmaned rocket. The first crew which arrived via the Soyuz 10 wasn't able to enter the station and aborted its mission. It's second crew which arrived via Soyuz 11 successfully entered the station for 23 days but died during the atmosphere reentry on their way back.
  • Voyagers

    The American voyaggers 1 & 2 were launched to study the outer solar system and eventually interstllar space. The 'Sounds Of Earth' was a recorded disc launched from voyager 1 and 2, and was intended to communicate the story of our world to anyone out there who might find it.
  • Space Telescope

    Space Telescope
    The Hubble Space Telescope is deployed in Earth orbit by space shuttle discovery.
  • Pay To Fly

    Pay To Fly
    Virgin Galatic, a company owned by entrepreneur Richard Branson, accepts reservations for suborbital spaceflights to occur at some time in the future. Seats are very expensive and limited.
  • Hadfield

    Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield launched aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). He became the first Canadian Commander of the ISS.