South African History-Apartheid

By BJS916
  • Cape Town Settled

    Dutch settlers settle Cape Town
  • French settlers

    French settlers come to Cape town; establish religious freedom
  • Natives

    Dutch push natives inland
  • Britian

    Britian takes over Cape Town
  • Slavery

    Slavery is outlawed by Brtian
  • Voortrekkers

    Voortrekkers leave Cape Town to move inland and have problems with the Zulu natives
  • Gold

    Gold is found which results in a gold rush
  • Diamond

    Diamond mines are discovered
  • Anglo-Boer War

    Dutch Boers surrender after Anglo- Boer War
  • Apartheid Established

    Union of South Africa established Apartheid- minority whites claim voting rights
  • ANC

    The ANC was formed
  • 1913 Land Act

    Prevented Africans from buying, renting, or using land aside from the 7.3 percent set aside for them
  • Mandela imprisoned

    Nelson Mandela is imprisoned for treason and sentenced to life in prison
  • F.W.DeKlerk

    Apartheid ended by F.W.DeKlerk- newly appointed president; frees Nelson Mandela; legalizes ANC
  • Noble Peace Prize

    F.W.DeKlerk and Nelson Mandela win the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Nelson Mandela

    Nelson Mandea is elected president- through 1999