South African History

  • Arrival of Europeans

    Arrival of Europeans
    The 1st Europeans came to South Africa on 1652. Dutch Commander Jan Van Rieveek arrives with 90 of his men. They built a fort and a developed a vegetable garden by the Cape of good hope under the orders of the Dutch East Indian company so it will be beneficial for ships travelling toward the East. Those people were the 1st people to form a white settlement.
  • Slavery in South Africa

    Slavery in South Africa
    Slavery period started in south Africa on 1653 and continued till 1822. This was considered as a “trade”. So, African people would sacrifice themselves and become a slave and the Europeans would give the South African people firearms and an aspect of their technology. Most of the Slaves were taken to Europe but some worked for Europeans living in south Africa. This trade is a really important event in South African and European history and was famously known as the Atlantic Trade.
  • Diamond Discovery in South Africa

    Diamond Discovery in South Africa
    Diamonds were discovered on 1867 and it made an huge impact on the population since, a lot of people from neighboring countries, western countries, etc. started arriving to south Africa. The 1st place the diamonds were discovered was in kimberly.
  • Boer War

    Boer War
    There was a war in south Africa on 1899 between the Dutch settlers and Britain who also wanted to control south Africa. Before the war, it was mainly dutch people controlling south Africa since they were the 1st settlers there but then the British government also wanted to take control of the land. The war continued till 1902. Eventually, Britain won and had control over south Africa! This was known as the Boer war.
  • Land Act

    The Land act was introduced on 1913. It is to prevent black people from buying land other than cape town. This event was like the Apartheid period kick off. Lands that were good for growing crops and in good areas weren’t on sale for black people. Lands that were not in very good shape or very good for farming were sold to black people. Sometimes, if the black people ever
  • Start of Apartheid Period

    Apartheid period started from 1948.During this time, different races were separated and some were treated better than others. Racism was legal by laws and government. Black people during this period, were told to go to separate schools. There were malls, stores indicating what race it was for and if any other race came to that place, they were punished.
  • Protests Against Apartheid

    On 1952, the ANC started protesting about the Apartheid period and the unfair laws the government has set . The ANC stand for African National Congress party and this group included people who were against discrimination. Soon after their campaign against the Apartheid period, lots of other political parties and people started joining their campaign but that didn’t keep the government from continuing with Apartheid. During the campaign, lot of protesters were killed.
  • ANC Banned!

    The protesting with Apartheid got so massive that both sides started using fire arms. On 1962, the government arrested the leaders and some leaders escaped to neighboring countries and others sided up with the government. The ANC got banned and unlike the other leaders,Nelson Mandela didn’t do either of those things and still believed that whatever the ANC was doing is right which caused him to be arrested. He stayed in jail for 27 years!
  • End of Apartheid

    After a lot of protesting against Apartheid, finally president F.W de Clerk declared the end of Apartheid period on February, 1990. Nelson Mandela was freed from prison after serving 27 years there. From this day, the ANC was considered as an official political party. This brought happiness in millions of people’s life since they were considered equal and were finally allowed to take part in certain activities they couldn’t before, receive better education and be considered as an important memb
  • 1st Democratic Election

    1st Democratic Election
    The 1st “democratic” election was held on 1994. In previous elections, only certain races were allowed to vote and this was the 1st election where all races were allowed to vote. The great leader Nelson Mandela won representing the ANC and he was the 1st black man ever to win a south African election. He received over 60% of the vote.