South africa

South Africa Timeline

By DanielF
  • Period: to

    Col War

  • Apartheid

    Apartheid was enacted, creating a race segragation under laws.
  • Joseph Stalin dies

  • Commonwealth

    South Africa retreats from the Commonwealth due to the hostility of other members in relation to the apartheid government.
  • Prague Spring

  • Period: to

    Civil unrest, sanctions imposed on South Africa, forced resettlement process and Township revolts

  • Charter 77

    Charter 77 was created as a document creating an informal civic initiative in communist Czechoslovakia.
  • Gdańsk Shipyard Revolt

    Solidarity was formed during a protest made by workes in the Gdańsk Shipyard.
  • P.W. Botha became president

  • Likhail Gorbachev

    Becomes the leader of the Soviet Union.
  • F.W. de Klerk as president

    F.W. de Klerk replaces PW Botha as president.
  • Velvet Revolution

    A non-violent revolution in Czechoslovakia.