south africa history

  • the dutch

    the Dutch had people first land on the Cape od Good Hope in 1652
  • Period: to

    south africa history

  • independent republic

    the dutch tryed to make a independent republic in 1795.
  • Britain take over

    the Britain took over the cape colneies in 1815 for good.
  • great trek

    anglicization of government and the slaves being free made about 12,000 Afrikaners to move in to move in to African tribal territory, calld the great trek.
  • diemonds and gold

    they found diemonds and 9 years later they found gold in 1867, witch influx of outlander into republics.
  • outlander

    Leander Starr Jameson drove the Rhodes to resign in 1895
  • the boers

    the boers broke out in a war in 1899.
  • African National Congress

    Louis Botha was a boerand became the first prime minister. they established the African National Congress in 1912.
  • black voters

    black voter were removed from their voter rolls in 1936.
  • Jan Christiaan Smuts

    Jan Christiaan Smuts got the nation into world war 2 and with the help of South Africa witch became charter member for the United Nations. but didn't sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1945.
  • white supremacist National Party

    for teh next 3 decades the white supremacist National Party ruled. they came to power in 1948
  • the group aera act

    the gruop of aera act i 1950 and 1986 made about 1.5 million Africans move to rural townships.
  • the deadly shoting

    in 1960 70 black people were shot at a demonstration in Sharpesville. that was when Nelson Mandela was sent to jail for life.
  • free

    south africa said it was republic in 1961.
  • the 1976 shoting

    in the year 1976 6oo people died because apartheid grow stronger in the town
  • free

    F. W. de Klerk replaced P. W. Botha as president in 1989. De Klerk removed the ban on the ANC and released its leader, Nelson Mandela, after 27 years of being in jail.
  • no more aparthied

    interim constitution was passed, which dismantled apartheid and provided for a multiracial democracy with majority rule in 1093
  • Nelson Mandela died

    he was born July 18, 1918 , Umtata, Cape of Good Hope and died December 5, 2013