Anti aparthide

South Africa Anti-Aparthide

  • Period: to

    Anti-Apartide in South Africa

  • Period: to

    American CIvil Rights Movement

  • Afrikaan Job Crisis

  • Population Registration Act

  • Preservation Of separate Amenities Act

  • Group Areas Act

  • Bantu Homelands Act

  • Bantu Education Act

  • Abolition of Passes and Coordination of Documents Act.

  • Sharpville Rebellion

  • Nelson Mandela Jailed

  • Resistance increase.

    : Resistance to apartheid increases. Organizing by churches and workers increases. Whites join blacks in the demonstrations.
  • Steven Biko unifies students.

  • soweto Uprising

  • Blacks Flood PRohibited Lands

  • Elections

    1991-1994 South Africa President F.W. de Klerk repeals the rest of the apartheid laws and calls for the drafting of a new constitution. A multiracial, multiparty transitional government is approved. Elections are held. The United Nations sends 2,120 international observers to ensure the fairness of the elections. The African National Congress, representing South Africa's majority black population. Nelson Mandela, the African resistance leader who had been jailed for 27 years, is elected P