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South Africa: 1945-2011

  • National Party elected

    National Party elected
    The National Party; an extermist group made up of racially predjudice Afrikainers, was elected to parliament. This lead to the onset of many apartied laws that segregated and prevented other South African people from having fair human rights
  • The Population Registration Act

    The Population Registration Act
    The Population Registration Act was set in order to control and further segregate different racial groups. These laws included the ban on interraccial marriage and didn't allow for non-Afrikainers to vote. IT classified every South African into a racial group and lead to the Supression of Communism Act (1950); and the Indemnity Act (1961) which allowed police officers to use violence against protesters.
  • Nelson Mandela is arrested

    Nelson Mandela is arrested
    Nelson Mandela a powerful pro-liberation leader in the ANC (African National Congress) is arrested along with others for their acts supporting racial equality and their participation in the Sharpeville Masacre
  • South Africa becomes independent

    The Republic of South Africa Constitution Act is registered through the nation, making it an independent country from Britiain's prior rule. This act also serves as South Africa's constitution for many years.
  • Sharpeville Massacre

    Sharpeville Massacre
    n the town of sharpeville, police open fired on a large group of proteters, who wanted to end segreagation in South Africa. This event ended with the murder or wounding of many ppeople and the capture of many anti-racism leaders. Additionally it lead to the ban on the ANC as well as the PACI (Pan-Africanist Congress)
  • Soweto Protest

    Soweto Protest
    On June 16th thousands of African grade school children living near Johannesberg protested against being taught Arikainer language's in school. The police opened fire on the kids, and lead to an immense amount of protests.
  • UN creates embargo

    UN creates embargo
    With the horrible aparthied rules in place, the UN voted on an embargo of arms to South Africa; from this they hoped they could limit the amount of violence from the police during protests. This embargo as well as many other foreign trade withdrawals negatively effects South Africa's economy
  • The begining of the end of aparthied

    The begining of the end of aparthied
    F.W. de Klerk who took over as being President of the National Party in 1989, releases Mandela and other pro-liberation leaders from prison. He then continues to work along side Nelson Mandela as they lift the ban on the PAC and ANC and phase aparheid laws out of South Africa
  • Freedom Day

    Freedom Day
    Freedom Day was established in South Africa to remember and celebrate the rememberance of the first non-apartied elections held. This day is a national holiday celebrated each year in South Africa.
  • Government creates 5-year plan

    Government creates 5-year plan
    After the 1994 elections, the new governement in Africa was able to create a 5-year economic advancement plan. It was called GEAR; Growth, Employment, and Redistribution. GEAR helped in the allowance of more privatlely owned busniesses and laid the groundwork for many further econoic advancements.
  • Mandela becomes president

    Mandela becomes president
    After winning 2/3 of the majority the ANC party establish's Mandela as president of South Africa, just shortly after he and F.W. de Klerk had won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993
  • The World Cup

    The World Cup
    South AFrica becomes the first African nation to host the soccer world cup. The event not only helps repair Afric'a tarnished aparthied reputation but also brings in masss amounts of tourists which improves the economy by a great amount.