South Africa

  • The Dutch establish the port of Cape town

    They were the first European to settle in South Africa
  • The British take control over Cape Town

  • Gold in Johannesburg

    They discover gold in Johannesburg
  • Apartheid

    Policy of apartheid
  • South Africa declared a republic

    South Africa leaves the commonwealth.
  • The South African election

    The South African election was held in South Africa to mark the end of the apartheid
  • Rugby World Cup

    It was the third Rugby World Cup, and it was held in South Africa and it was also won by them.
  • Thabo Mbeki takes over as president

  • Jacob Zuma is elected president

  • South Africa hosts the World Cup soccer tournament.

  • Nelson Mandela is born

    Rolihlahla Dalibhunga Mandela is born on July 18
  • South Africa becomes an independent nation