South Africa

By Tanja
  • First permanent Ducht settlement at Cape of Good Hope

  • Khoikhoi revolt against Dutch

    Khoikhoi is the native people of Southwestern Africa. They had lived in southern Africa since the 5th century. European people called them Hottentots.
  • Britain seizes control of the Cape

  • Britain ends its slave trade.

    British missionaries arrive in southern Africa.
  • Brittish laws were enacted.

  • Diamonds discovered.

    Diamonds discovered in Orange Free State and Kimberley.
  • Britain claimes Transvaal (South African Republick)

    Now South Africa belongs Britain.
  • Afrikaans recognized as South Africa's official language.

  • Black voting rights revoked in Cape.

    Black land ownership expanded, but still restricted to 13 percent of land.
  • Republic of South Africa established on May 31

  • Nelson Mandela sentenced to life imprisonment

  • Mandela released from prison.

    Mandela released on February 11, after twenty-seven years in prison.
  • First democratic national elections.

    First democratic national elections held April 26-29 (April 27 first day of nationwide voting). Interim constitution implemented for five-year transition period on April 27. Violence subsides.