Song of Solomon Part 1

By fastbow
  • Macon Dead I Gets His Name

    Macon Dead I is mis-named by a drunk clerk. He is a teen-ager.
  • Macon Dead II Born

    Approximate date constructed form textual hints. His father is probably in his mid-late 30s from hints on 53 and 67.
  • Pilate Dead Born Without a Navel

    Estimate from textual clues, as so many dates are.
  • Macon Dead I Killed For His Land

    Macon Dead II was 16, Pilate was 12.
  • Period: to

    The Great War

    Also known as WWI
  • Macon Dead II Marries Ruth Foster

    Ruth Foster marries at 16 (Morrison 70).
  • Founding of Seven Days

    A group dedicated to avenging the deaths of Black people by killing white people. According to Guitar - who is a member - it was founded in response to the killing of a Black soldier from the First World War in Georgia.
  • Dr. Foster Dies

    Dr. Foster dies of an unknown illness. Macon Dead II catches his wife doing something inappropriate with his body (Morrison 63, 70-71).
  • Period: to

    Life of Malcolm X

    "Why don't you join him and call yourself Guitar X?"
    (Morrison 160)
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    The stock martek crash to America's ntry into WWII
  • Toni Morrison is born

  • Robert Smith Takes Flight

    "At 3:00 PM on Wednesday the 18th of Feburary, 1931, I will take off from Mercy and fly away on my own wings. Please forgive me. I loved you all" (Morrison 1).
  • Macon "Milkman" Dead III is born

    Born the day after the insurance agent took flight, his mother was the first Black patient ever admitted to Mercy Hospital (Morrison 4-5).
  • Milkman Learns He Cannot Fly

    At four years old, Milkman realizes only birds and airplanes can fly (Morrison 9).
  • Milkman Gets His Nickname

    Freddy catches Milkman still being breast-fed at the age of four and gives him the nickname "Milkman" (Morrison 15).
  • Period: to

    World War II

  • Milkman meets Guitar and Pilate

    At 12, Milkman meets Guitar in school, and Guitar takes Milkman on his first visit to Pilate's house, where Milkman falls in love with Hagar (Morrison 36, 47).
  • Hagar and Milkman Have Sex

    Hagar and Milkman have sex for the first time. He is 17, she is 22 (Morrison 92).
  • Truman Forms CGCC

    The Comittee on Government Contract Compliance, referenced by Milkman on page 62. First real Civil Rights work since Reconstruction.
  • Milkman Strikes His Father

    Milkman hits his father for hitting his mother. He is 22 (Morrison 64).
  • Emmett Till Killed in Mississippi

    Emmitt Till is killed in Mississippi. The killers would later be found not guilty.
  • Milkman Breaks Up With Hagar

    Milkman breaks off his incestuous relationship with Hagar. He is 31 and Hagar is 36. Hagar proceds to try to kill him every month afterward (Morrison 98, 118).
  • 16th Street Church Bombing

    NPR Rememberance StoryFour black girls are killed when a KKK group planted a bomb in the church during Sunday School. It took over 15 years to even bring one man to justice.
  • Milkman and Guitar Steal Pilate's Inheritance

    Morrison 184 - 186
  • Toni Morrison publishes Song of Solomon